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One Response to Write A Guest Blog

  1. ERIKA (http://HarmoniousHome&Harvest) says:

    I would love some advice on helpful holistic & natural ways for fertility. I want to get my body & female organs strong & healthy – as fertile as possible for my age – 48yrs old. My Partner (he is 51) & I have been trying naturally for 2yrs w/out any type of ovulation calendars or holistic measures & treatments w/out any success.
    Plan B – I also had my eggs frozen 5 yrs ago & we are planning on moving fwrd with implantation in 3 mos if the natural way fails.
    We want to meet w/a few different Fertility Drs before we move fwrd w/this Procedure & really need advice on how to find the best Dr & Center for s here in NYC. Unfortunately – Our health insurance does not cover Fertility Trtmnts so we are limited due to financial constraints too. We have been told that some Centers bill on a “sliding scale” means – hoping you all may know of some well regarded & high success rated Centers in the NYC/LI Area.
    My Mommy Friends have suggested Acupuncture & TCM & I plan on meeting w/an Acupuncturist soon.
    All in all – I really want to do anything & everything I can do to get in the most healthiest & ideal condition physically & mentally to ensure a successful & wonderful Pregnancy.
    Hoping to get some helpful advice from this Blog site.
    KINDLY –
    Hopeful Mommie to Be : )