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By Crystal Sirignano

I didn’t plan on being pregnant at 52.  I had my first child when I was 20 and my second child at 22.

I thought my second child, Kendra, would be the second of many children to come.  What I didn’t know was that Kendra would be my last child, and that exactly 30 years after her birth, I would be 34 weeks pregnant with her twins, my grandchildren, at 52 years of age.

My daughter, Kendra, was diagnosed with endometriosis in her teens.  She went through several years of severe pain, surgeries, and the fear of becoming infertile.  After college, she got married at 24 and at age 26 she tried to get pregnant.

That’s when the nightmare began.  She went through 3 years of infertility treatments, including 3 failed IVF’s (costing more than $20K each); and still, no baby.

After the last failed IVF, the doctor told her that the best chance of becoming a mother was to use her frozen embryos and hire a gestational carrier.  I talked my daughter into letting me give it one try as a surrogate to bear my own grandchildren.  After going through a series of tests, top canadian pharmacy (https://www NULL.topcanadianpharmacy NULL.org/).

Even though I was considered high risk at age 52, I had a very successful pregnancy, only suffering with constant nausea, and normal pregnancy issues.

37 weeks later, I delivered my daughter and son-in-law’s healthy twins.  Domenic Jason – 6lbs 11 oz., and Mia Crystal – 5lbs 4oz.  To bring my daughter such happiness was the most rewarding experience of my life.

I wrote a memoir of my amazing experience, Labor of Love (http://www NULL.crystalsirignano NULL.com/).

This is a compelling and emotional story about the bond between a mother and a daughter—one that changed our lives.


Notes for this blog:

Crystal Sirignano, from Grand Blanc, Michigan, is a mother of two grown children, ages 37 and 35, and grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. She is a personal trainer who owns and operates her own personal training gym.

You can find Crystal at: www.crystalsirignano.com (http://www NULL.crystalsirignano NULL.com)


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6 Responses to Why I Chose To Get Pregnant at 52

  1. Lylas says:

    Your daughter is so fortunate to have a mom that was able to help her in such an important way. What a fantastic thing to do.
    If my son needs a surrogate, I would definitely do it although I was 51 when I had him so I would be pregnant in my 70’s… Angel, do you think that will be possible 😉

  2. Lisa Willinger says:

    I find your story very moving. What a blessing to be able to help your daughter become a mother! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Angela says:

    What a beautiful story!!! As a mother I know I would do the same!

  4. Karen says:

    Love brings wonderful things. And it’s fabulous any time someone can help another person or couple out. But to help bring life into the world for ones own children is amazingly perfect. To do so at age 52 is an awesome gift. Incredibly beautiful.

  5. Karen says:

    This is a wonderful story and a beautiful thing that you have done! The love these children will experience in their lives will be incredible and I am so very happy for all of you!

  6. alice says:

    WOW, I am truly lost for words!! that is awesome!! and a true sacrifice and a blessing from God. (clapping my hands In congrats!!!)

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