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Happy Midlife Mother’s Day!

Happy Midlife Mother’s Day!

I would like to take this special day, 12th May 2013, to “share the love” with all women who became mothers after 40, and with those who plan to be.

We are a unique group, and its not often that anyone wants to step up to the plate and give us the congratulations we’ve earned.

Why? Well, usually they’re too busy reminding us of the health risks to pregnancy after 40, that we’re “selfish” for “delaying” motherhood, or that we’re the weird “older” moms at school pick-up.

But today, we celebrate: A special Happy Over-40 Mother’s Day to you all! It’s time for congratulations—not to mention a group hug!

Here’s what’s on the Mother’s Day Menu for our “older crowd”:


1. True Faces of Rising Number of Over-40 Moms Revealed

Angel LaLiberte, AChildAfter40.com

In a bid to dispel unfounded, negative stereotypes regarding maternal age, and uncover the real benefits to children of the dramatically rising population of women having babies after 40. Read MORE.


2. Mothers Over 40 Tribute Album & Wine Charms

AChildAfter40.com Wine Charms

AChildAfter40.com has today launched an Over-40 Mother’s Tribute Album in a free e-card and social media-friendly format. You can also celebrate motherhood over 40 with these unique handmade glass wine charms!


And now, the unique stories of our Over-40 Mother’s Day Garden Party moms:


3. Leanne’s Story

Leanne’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

Forty-one year old Illustrator, Leanne Salandro—who is currently expecting her first baby—met her husband five years before they went on their first date.  READ MORE



4. Jodi’s Story

Jodi’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

Over two years ago, Jodi Boswell asked her 50-year-old “bachelor boyfriend”—whom she doubted would be interested in family life—to lie down so she could break some news to him. “We had a big surprise”, says Jodi, “I became pregnant at 45”.



5. Rhadiante’s Story

Rhadiante’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

In 2006, after divorcing her third husband—who would turn “white as a ghost” every time she mentioned having a baby—Rhadiante Van de Voorde continued to suffer for years with inner turmoil over whether she should have a child.



6. Kristen’s Story

Kristen’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

If there’s one thing more striking than Kristen Marinovic’s silver hair, it’s her no-nonsense approach to being a mother to 20-month-old twins, Viggo and Niko.



7. Michele’s Story

Michele’s Story AChildAfter40.com

Our medley of stories would not be complete without the ‘little sister’ of the midlife motherhood sorority. Michele Moyer had her two children in her late thirties after a long journey through fertility treatments and finds herself parenting a toddler and a kindergartener in her 40s.    READ MORE.


8. Joan’s Story

Joan’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

One might argue that Joan Lintz-Thompson—who donated the Mom & Tot T-Shirt designs for Celebrating Motherhood After 40 garden party—is the product of an after-40 ‘arranged marriage’.



9. Katinka’s Story

Katinka’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

After Katinka Hurley found Mr Right’ at 30, having children in her forties wasn’t a quirk of fate. It was a choice.




10. Angel’s Story

Angel’s Story, AChildAfter40.com

The journey from the idea of AChildAfter40.com, to launching it in 2009 was nothing short of an act of faith.




Notes for this blog:

www.AChildAfter40.com is a leading advocacy website for all women on the journey of motherhood after 40, from fertility to parenting. It offers free online discussion forums, expert blogs and videos, and has been featured in media nationwide, including CNN and PBS TV.

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