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By guest writer, Sharyl King-Vandendries.

By the time I reached my 40’s, I was single, childless and weighed a whopping 310 pounds. It was time to wake up and “smell the coffee”.

I had spent thirty years of my life battling my weight—from the time I was a young teenager, until I was 42 years old.

I needed to take my life and health in to my own hands, and make a change.


Yes, Facebook CAN change your life!

Sharyl before, weighing 310 lbs

In October , 2007, I found an old high school friend on Facebook who had gone through the gastric bypass.

By watching her literally shrink before my eyes, I found the courage I needed to do the same thing.

So, in the summer of 2008, at 42 years old, I decided this was it.

I went through the whole process of doctor’s visits, being approved by my insurance, securing a surgery date, flying to Nevada to my bariatric surgeon’s clinic and, finally, surgery.

Afterwards, the weight came off quickly. Then, my life simply transformed—suddenly and dramatically—before my eyes.

Within six months of surgery, I found the man I would marry. But that was only the beginning.


In Spring of 2011, the bombshell struck

Sharyl after weight loss

We got engaged on my birthday in September, 2010 and began busily making wedding plans for the following year in October.

But, in Spring, a bombshell dropped. One day in early April, my period was late and my breasts were sore. I had a tiny suspicion about being pregnant, but I quickly dismissed it.

For years I’d had inconsistent periods, and never gotten pregnant.

“There is no way on God’s green earth that I am pregnant at 45 years old,” I thought to myself.

Finally, after three positive pregnancy tests, I called my doctor, took in a urine sample, did the blood work, and it was confirmed.

I was seven weeks pregnant—and scared skinny!

Until then, I had given up hope on ever having my own child, instead resigning myself to being perfectly happy as “the favorite Aunt”.


Do fertility statistics really mean anything?

How was this possible? My doctor advised that, by losing the excess weight, my body found it’s natural rhythm again and (obviously) I still had some good eggs left.

I was surprised to learn, at my age, the chances of actually conceiving were around, or less than, 5%.

Yet, articles on fertility and weight loss revealed that losing even a small amount of weight, such as 5%, can significantly increase your chances of conceiving.


And now, life is complete.

I was once content with the thought that I would never be a mother. Now, I have a beautiful 6-pound baby girl, Victoria Kathleen.  She is my life.


Notes for this blog:

Sharyl King-Vandendries is a member of the A Child After 40 online community. If you are 38 or older, trying to conceive–or having already gotten pregnant or given birth–and would like to join, click here.

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13 Responses to How I Got Pregnant at 45, After Losing 140 Lbs!

  1. Eden (http://littlefallscraftersmarket NULL.com) says:

    I’ve always had trouble visualizing Sharyl overweight as she looks marvelous now. But now, the proof is in the pictures! With the addition of Victoria, Sharyl and hubby are a beautiful family in every way.

  2. Bernadette Kowalchuk (http://Rogers) says:

    I’ve known Sharyl through these transitions and I always thought that she was marvellous. I couldn’t be happier for her that she made this remarkable transformation. Because it enriched her life a hundred fold,with finding Dan and then this beautiful blessing of their little girl Victoria. Sharyl you have always been a bright candle to your friends, wishing you all the best that this life has to offer.

  3. David (http://gettingpregnantafter40 NULL.net) says:

    In case you want to drop some weight for baby, you must stop a number of diet plans some time before becoming pregnant and switch to diet programs which are more supporting of fertility and pregnancy. You can find some studies proof supporting unwanted weight gain with women who are dieting as they get pregnant.

  4. Midlife New Mom (http://www NULL.expiredeggs NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    What an inspiring story! This is so encouraging – for those struggling with weight loss as well as infertility.

    Thank you for sharing, and may your story bless many more women.

  5. Sharyl, thank you for your wonderful story of weight loss and fertility. Its a reminder that, not only is getting pregnant over 40 still possible, but how much our health and well-being contributes to fertility in later life. Congratulations!

  6. Sharyl King Vandendries says:

    You’re very welcome. I like to share my story. The weight loss was well thought out, the baby was the bonus 🙂 You have no idea how many times, while I was pregnant, that I literally thanked God for all the blessings he gave me, in such a very short time. It renewed my faith, when I had very little left.

    I probably would have gone my whole life without the baby and think………….this is okay, I am good with being an Aunt. But now, I can’t imagine life without her.

    Like ANY new mother, I am tired most days. But I think that is more to the fact that you’re busier. It might catch up more when I am past 50, who knows? But I would never go back now. No way.
    I love that baby so much and I can’t imagine life without her now.

    Plus………..added bonus………….I have my own little shopping partner 🙂 When no one else wants to come with me, I’ve always got her, and she’s ready to go with me anytime I say the word!!! LOL


  7. MR says:

    Hi Sharyl,
    Your story really inspired me. I would love an opportunity to speak with you regarding my situation. Would you have time to send me an email, so I can chat with you and learn more ways to move forward with my current situation?

    • Sharyl Vandendries says:

      Yes, I can speak to you. Email me at ia‌myourccrss@‍hotmail.com (‌iamyourccrss null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com) and I will respond to you.



  8. Deborrah says:

    Hi Sharyl,

    Thank you for sharing…I so needed to hear your story this morning. I too “needed to take my life and health in to my own hands, and make a change.” Your story has given me hope- Inspiring and uplifting.

    • Sharyl Vandendries says:

      I’m so glad. That is my hope…………to give someone else hope and encouragement. I wish you well 🙂


  9. Ketty (http://fb) says:

    Hello Sharyl,

    Your story put a big smile on my face. I’m 44 and married at 40. Thinking we’d be a family soon. Its been 3 years and the MD’s don’t offer any positive hope. Your story lifted my spirits. I will try again and start doing everything I can to be healthy and positive. You are in inspiration.

  10. CPW says:

    Wonderful to give older mothers-trying-to-conceive hope! What a blessing of a story. Thanks for sharing and reminding us “all in good time”…

  11. Racheal says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. How beautiful and full of hope it is!

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