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In an article in the New York Post yesterday, Angel LaLiberte—founder of AChildAfter40.com—was quoted as saying: “We need to do something about the negativity and fear [about pregnancy over 40] because it’s crippling”. “

“Even the term ‘biological clock’ is terrifying, as if a little toy gun goes off and out pops a flag that says ‘You’re done.’ ”

The feature, entitled False Panic About Older Moms To Be (http://nypost NULL.com/2013/09/28/outdated-studies-feed-false-panic-about-older-moms-to-be/), by Mayrav Saar for the New York Post, also interviews Jean Twenge, author of the controversial book “The Impatient Women’s Guide to Getting Pregnant”.  Twenge, who contends that current fertility statistics for women over 40 are based on outdated French birth records from 1670 to 1830, is a psychology researcher at San Diego State University.

Saar points out that many doctors believe Twenge’s arguments “paint too rosy a picture”, giving women over 40 “false hope” about their fertility, and downplaying the risks of genetic anomalies in women who conceive naturally after 40.

Read more of Mayrav Saar’s article here (http://nypost NULL.com/2013/09/28/outdated-studies-feed-false-panic-about-older-moms-to-be/).


Notes for this blog:

Angel LaLiberte is the founder of AChildAfter40.com, launched in 2009. Angel gave birth to her two children after the age of 40, after conceiving naturally. AChildAfter40.com is a support and advocacy website for women on the journey of later motherhood. Read more about Angel’s Story here.

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5 Responses to NY Post Interviews Angel LaLiberte on Pregnancy After 40 Panic

  1. Marna Gatlin (http://www NULL.pved NULL.org) says:

    I would like to comment and say that more importantly it should be embraced and supported and it should really be okay to have a child after 40 regardless of how that child is conceived.

    Personally I think we are too hung up on how a child is conceived. So what if you need help from an egg donor or Surrogate. So what if you adopt.

    I think what’s really important is that we not ignore what our bodies doing and we get the right help when we need it.

    I will be honest when I hear doctors tell women that it’s okay to put off having children for the simple reason they are not being honest statistically and they are setting up women for disappointment instead of setting up women for success.

    Does that make sense?

    • Liz says:

      yep, we need to tell women fertility is a gift with a useby date, so we need to tell our daughters and young women the truth about having babies. If you leave having babies, you just might not get any.

  2. Liz says:

    Truly we need to encourage women to have their children as early as possible so if their are problems they have a greater chance of fixing their infertility. However if women find themselves over 40 and willing to have and welcome children, yes we need to support women. But reality bites when there are many women over 40 who still achieve pregnancy. It is never too late to conceive a baby until you have reached menopause. However as you age other things like fibyroids can fill the uterus or other unknowns occur.

  3. Diana R. says:

    I agree the negativity about motherhood after 40 needs to be addressed. Women who want to be mothers should be encouraged and supported at any age, regardless of the challenges they may be facing to conceive. Yes, the medical facts are what they are, but lets quit judging and asking “why did you wait” and start helping.

  4. KittyVDB says:

    I am 48, and just found out yesterday that I am pregnant, sans IVF or any fertility drugs – we conceived naturally. My fiancé and I weren’t trying, but we weren’t actively preventing it, either. We are shocked, scared and surprised, but happy! I have only one ovary and have had two miscarriages (one at 32 and another at 34), plus I was under the distinct impression that I would never get pregnant again (according to my previous physician) because of the stress on my one remaining ovary for estrogen and cycling. I understand the risks, but I am healthy, eat right and take care of my body as best I can. This baby is a miracle in our eyes – and no one will EVER change that opinion. I could care less about what people say about us having a child at this age, but I am very concerned about the health and welfare of our baby because of my age. Does anyone have any links or information on what kind of testing they do on over 40 high risk pregnancies to assure the health of the fetus?

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