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We’re delighted to announce that FlowerPowerMom.com has moved to ACHILDAFTER40.COM: For Women on the Journey of Later Motherhood! The new name simply reflects our ongoing mission: to inform and advocate for women who are TTC, or have already become moms over 40.

To all of our loyal followers, who joined us since our original launch in 2009, we just wanted to say “thanks for hanging out with us”! Now, we’re offering you lots of excellent new resources on later motherhood.

7 New, Exciting Features Launching By December 31st, 2012 at AChildAfter40.com

1. Receive our FREE Email Tip Sheets: Everything you should know about motherhood after 40—packed with facts, tips and expert advice on fertility, pregnancy, parenting and menopause. Sign up in advance, using the brown sidebar widget!

2. Subscribe to our new, FREE Online Magazine: the first to bring together a unique community of the top mom-bloggers on later motherhood, along with the hottest current news feeds on fertility, pregnancy and parenting after 40. Sign up in advance using the brown sidebar widget!

3. Take advantage of new features on our FREE online forums: New and returning members to our A Child After 40 FREE online community forums will enjoy new features for connecting and sharing with other women TTC, pregnant or parenting after 40. Join now.

4. Enjoy our new, informative blog format: Offering survival tips, facts, and expert input for things like fertility after 40, “advanced maternal age” (AMA) pregnancy, aging and menopause while parenting rambunctious young kids, getting connected with other older moms.

5. Grab early-bird deals on sponsorship and ad space: In a) our Fact Files, b) online magazine and c) website  —ideal for clinics, therapists, coaches, services and products related to on fertility and parenting after 40, aging and menopause. Contact us.

6. Write a guest blog for us: Do you have expertise in fertility, pregnancy, parenting, menopause, aging or social and emotional issues for women TTC or mothers after 40? We’ll include your bio and backlinks to your site! Contact us.

7. Use our blog content for FREE: AChildAfter40.com has a rich archive of well-researched blogs and commentaries with case histories and expert interviews.  Be sure to obtain our permission first, though–along with our backlink and bio–and you’ll be good to go! Contact us.

Look out for all of these new FREE resources and features on fertility and motherhood after 40 on AChildAfter40.com over the coming weeks! Got questions? Again, just Contact us!

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3 Responses to NEWS: We Have Moved To AChildAfter40.com, with 7 Fab New Upcoming Features!

  1. maha (http://www NULL.bellydanceforbirth NULL.com) says:

    Congratulations Angel
    Wonderful new name..if I can help in any way let me know! Love what you are doing…
    Love maha x

  2. Angel La Liberte (http://www NULL.flowerpowermom NULL.com) says:

    Thanks, Maha! It would be nice to do an article on how belly dancing and diet can enhance natural fertility in women over 40. The interview and article I did on you about 2 years ago was very popular! 🙂

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    […] launch of the new brand name, AChildAfter40.com, spearheads a core initiative to make the website more easily accessible to its […]

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