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Caren Chesler, Group Organizer for New Jersey

Feeling socially isolated because you had a child after 40? It’s time to join the club.

One of the greatest challenges of becoming a mother after 40—whether through natural conception, ART or adoption—is the social isolation that is defined, quite simply, by our maternal age.

Is it caused by the ubiquitous negative cultural bias against “older mothers”? Or an unmet hankering after the lost camaraderie of our 1970’s youth?  Are we still too few in number to be able to easily find each other?

Perhaps it’s a dash of each, mixed up in a lonely maternal cocktail that distills down to one reality: being a silent minority is a rite of passage for women who become mothers over 40.


Are There Social Alternatives To Stepford-Moms-Under-35?


Marci Tarvin, GroupOrganizer, San Diego, California

Society’s stereotype of the “young mother”—a maternal incarnation of Botticelli’s Venus rising from her baby’s crib-shell—automatically sidelines us from the mainstream of youthful mommy-cliques and so-called yummy mummies (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/Yummy_mummy).

Or, as I prefer to call them: Stepford Moms Under 35.

Unfortunately, this leads to a compound fracture of self-esteem: weren’t we already made to feel somewhat past our “use-by” date in the baby-making stakes?


Time To Connect With Moms Our Age

Sahar Ali, Group Organizer, Austin, Texas

But lack of social support isn’t the only challenge we face.  In The 10 Challenges of Motherhood After 40, AChildAfter40.com has outlined them all. From The Myth of Women’s Fertile 40’s, to More Families With Singletons, it’s clear that over-40 moms need the mutual support of their peer group.

Ergo, after nearly 5 years of blogging and receiving thousands of emails on “the grandma effect” of motherhood over 40, AChildAfter40.com has finally agreed to meet demand.

Starting in June 2013, all women on the journey of motherhood over 40 are invited to join, or start up, A Child After 40 support and social groups in their own neighborhoods. Come join the over-40 moms club!


Join or Start An A Child After 40 Group In Your Town

Tracie Barrett, Group Organizer, Reading, Pennsylvania

If you’re interested in connecting with other moms over 40 in your hometown by joining, or starting up, a local A Child After 40 group anywhere in the USA or Canada, we’ll support you with a free online listing and a “Get Started” pack with tips and tools to promote your group.

For listings, go to our Social Groups page. To start your own A Child After 40 Group, Contact Us. We also welcome queries from other countries.

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2 Responses to New Nationwide Social Groups For Moms Over 40

  1. dana hartmann says:

    I have had 9 children, 3 who were stillborn in my 30 s. I have had my last 2 children at 41 and42. I now find myself at 50 and pregnant and scared to death
    I thougjt i was starting menopausr figured it out atb23 weeks when i felt the baby move. Any support groups forover 50?

  2. HI Dana, check out our social groups listings and see if there’s an AChildAfter40.com group organizer in your area. Of course over-50 moms are welcome! 🙂 Here’s the link to the over-40 mom groups page: https://achildafter40.com/moms-over-40-social-groups/.
    If there isn’t one where you live, you are welcome to start up your own group with our support. Please fill out the Contact Us form for more info here: https://achildafter40.com/contact/.
    Our site also has many articles on women who got pregnant after 50, or adopted. You can see a list of them here: https://achildafter40.com/challenges-benefits-baby-after-40/#section-18.
    I know you’re anxious, but I want to congratulate you on becoming a new mom at 50! Let us know if we can help you get connected locally!

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