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“True Faces” of Rising Number of Over-40 Moms Revealed

Angel LaLiberte, Founder, AChildAfter40.com

In a bid to dispel unfounded, negative stereotypes regarding maternal age, and uncover the real benefits to children of the dramatically rising population of women having babies after 40, AChildAfter40.com has today launched an Over-40 Mother’s Day Tribute Album in a free e-card and social media-friendly format.

A leading support website for later mothers, AChildAfter40.com says the “Mother’s Day Album: For All Women on the Journey of Motherhood Over 40” is set to reveal the true faces and authentic voices of the growing ranks of women creating “a mother of an evolution” at the very heart of the Western nuclear family.


Alleviating Social Stigma


To alleviate negative labels such as “selfish” or “advanced maternal age”, the album explores the realities of later motherhood through a series of candid mother and child portraits, frank commentary, and the personal stories of eight over-40 American mothers.

The Over-40 Mother’s Day Album E-Card is free and immediately available at AChildAfter40.com to share via email and social media, between now and Mother’s Day, 12th May 2013.


Countries Report Rising Numbers

Over the last decade, industrialized nations around the world have reported a growing surge in the number of women having babies after 40:

  • In 2010, the American Center for Disease Control (http://www NULL.cdc NULL.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr61/nvsr61_01 NULL.pdf) (CDC) reported that women giving birth over 40 had risen by 6%, while births in all other age groups had declined.
  • The UK has seen a 15% rise (http://www NULL.guardian NULL.co NULL.uk/society/2012/dec/06/surge-in-new-mothers-over-40) in births to over-40s in the last 5 years.
  • Other countries, like Canada, where births at 40+ have doubled (http://www NULL.statcan NULL.gc NULL.ca/pub/84f0210x/2008000/part-partie1-eng NULL.htm) since 1998, and Australia, where 1 in 4 babies are born to a mom over 35, have followed suit.


Unprecedented Challenges

The Real Challenges of Motherhood Over 40

According to AChildAfter40.com’s founder, Angel LaLiberte—who gave birth at 41 and 44, after conceiving naturally—women having babies after 40 face unprecedented challenges from declining fertility, pregnancy risks, social stigma, and the effects of aging for which they receive little empathy or support.

“With fast-paced developments in reproductive technologies, such as egg and ovarian tissue freezing, the rise in the number of women having children later will only continue to accelerate’, says LaLiberte.


About A Child After 40

(http://www NULL.scoop NULL.it/t/a-child-after-40-weekly-news)
(https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/AChildAfter40)
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Launched in 2009, AChildAfter40.com was the first North American website to actively campaign for more support and awareness of the issues facing women on the journey of later motherhood. Today, it offers a rich and diverse array of resources to women on the journey of later motherhood:

  • Expert tip sheets and articles on fertility, pregnancy and parenting after 40,
  • Online discussion forums on having a babies over the age 40 or 50, and coping with declining fertility, aging and menopause
  • Curated online magazine (http://www NULL.scoop NULL.it/t/a-child-after-40-weekly-news) drawing from featured articles on fertility, pregnancy and parenting over 40 in mainstream and social media
  • Expert writers and panelists from a diverse range of fields, including fertility, obstetrics, parenting, menopause, and aging.
  • Challenges/benefits assessment of what’s in store for women planning motherhood over 40.


For more information, contact:

Angel LaLiberte

Founder, www.AChildAfter40.com






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