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AChildAfter40 Support and Social Groups. Would you like to start, or join, a group of moms over 40 in your local area? It’s easy!

Read the FAQ’s and check out the group listings below. If there’s no group in your local area, you’re welcome to start one. Contact us to learn how!

So far, we have groups in the USA and Canada, but welcome queries from any country.

Important: There is a one-time administrative fee of $25.00 to cover our set-up costs only. You are welcome to ask your members for a small donation towards this cost.

Who can join or start an A Child After 40 Group?

  • Women who became mothers after 40 via natural conception, ART, or adoption and now have babies or young children.
  • Women over 40 trying to conceive naturally, or via ART, or adopting.

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How do you join or start a local group?

  • Register as a member of AChildAfter40.com so that you can access group message boards and forums.
  • Search the existing Group listings, and then email your local organizer.
  • If there’s no group in your area, and you’d like to start one, contact us for info.

The information listed here does not represent an endorsement of any of the organizers, or their activities, and is to be used as a resource only. By joining A Child After 40 online Discussion Forums or local Groups, you accept that we are not liable for individual group management or activities, and that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.
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What can you expect from your local group?

Women over 40 who are trying to get pregnant, adopting, or have already become mothers, face a unique set of social and physical challenges, as well as benefits, to later motherhood.

A Child After 40 groups are for women and mothers to:

  • Share mutual support and companionship in facing those challenges.
  • Get together for social meet-ups or play dates with women and moms from their own generation!

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How can we support your local group?

To help you get your group started, we’re happy to offer you:

  • A dedicated online discussion board for your group.
  • A listing on our new A Child After 40 Social Groups page.
  • Your own blog post, announcing your group, linked to your online listing.
  • A tip sheet on how to promote your group locally.
  • A press release for your local media, and online “What’s on” hubs.
  • A flyer in PDF format to post in your local libraries, fertility/maternity clinics, community centers, and day cares.

Contact us for more info!
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A Child After 40 Groups in the USA

Important:  Journalists and production companies, please contact the main website (and NOT individual regional support group organizers) to request interviews or participation in media programs.



Marci Tarvin

  • Carlsbad, San Diego County
  • Zip Code: 92008
  • Organizer: Marci Tarvin
  • Email Marci: Marcit‌arv@‍gmail.com (Ma‌rcitarv null@null ‍gmail NULL.com)

Denise OHare

  • Del Mar, San Diego
  • Zip Code: 92130
  • Organizer: Denise O’Hare
  • Email Denise: d‌eniohare@‍gmail.com (‌deniohare null@null ‍gmail NULL.com)


Stacey Wald

  • Atlanta
  • Zip Code: 30339
  • Organizer: Stacey Wald
  • Email Stacey: stace‌ynwald@‍gmail.com (s‌taceynwald null@null ‍gmail NULL.com)


Debbie Downs

  • New Orleans
  • Zip Code: 70124
  • Organizer: Debbie Downs
  • Email Debbie: ‌debbiecampagna@‍yahoo.com (debbiec‌ampagna null@null ‍yahoo NULL.com)


Joan Powell

  • Metro Detroit Area
  • Zip Code: 48135
  • Organizer: Joan Powell
  • Email Joan: j‌cast7@‍live.com (jcas‌t7 null@null ‍live NULL.com)


Mia Naseth

  • Cottage Grove
  • Zip Code: 55016
  • Organizer: Mia Naseth-Phillips
  • Email Mia: ora‌ngemadeline@‍hotmail.com (‌orangemadeline null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)


Lisa Oliveto

  • Omaha
  • Zip Code: 68106
  • Organizer: Lisa Oliveto
  • Email Lisa: ‌loliveto@‍cox.net (l‌oliveto null@null ‍cox NULL.net)


Michele Aloia

  • Las Vegas
  • Zip Code: 89129
  • Organizer: Michele Aloia
  • Email Michele: ‌pnk615mb@‍aol.com (pn‌k615mb null@null ‍aol NULL.com)


Caren Chesler

  • Ocean Grove, Central Jersey
  • Zip Code: 07756
  • Organizer: Caren Chesler
  • Email Caren: ‌chickenlittle63@‍yahoo.com (‌chickenlittle63 null@null ‍yahoo NULL.com)

Laurie Brown

  • Magnolia, New Jersey
  • Zip Code: 08049
  • Organizer: Laurie Brown
  • Email Laurie: ‌lb114@‍comcast.net (‌lb114 null@null ‍comcast NULL.net)


Jennifer Chen

  • New York City, Riverdale, Brooklyn, Queens, & Long Island
  • Zip Code: 10471
  • Organizer: Jennifer Chen
  • Email Jennifer: abs123‌4@‍hotmail.com (‌abs1234 null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)

Kirsten Gonzales-Lochstoer

  • New York City, Upper West Side
  • Zip Code: 10025
  • Organizer: Kirsten Gonzales-Lochstoer
  • Email Kirsten: kirsten‌gonzales@‍hotmail.com (kir‌stengonzales null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)

Skye Odessa

  • Manhattan
  • Zip Code: 10001
  • Organizer: Skye Odessa
  • Email Skye: sk‌ye.odessa@‍gmail.com (skye NULL.o‌dessa null@null ‍gmail NULL.com)


Karen Wilson

  • Columbus
  • Zip Code: 43201
  • Organizer: Karen Wilson
  • Email Karen: karensue‌wilson@‍yahoo.com (‌karensuewilson null@null ‍yahoo NULL.com)


Tracie Barrett


Sahar Ali

  • Austin
  • Zip Code: 78727
  • Organizer: Sahar Ali
  • Email Sahar: ‌saharali@‍hotmail.com (s‌aharali null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)
Dee Dee Deras

Dee Dee Deras

  • Richardson, Dallas County
  • Zip Code: 75080
  • Organizer: Dee Dee Deras
  • Email Sahar: dee‌deeblogger@‍gmail.com (de‌edeeblogger null@null ‍gmail NULL.com)


  • Milwaukee
  • Zip Code: 53232
  • Organizer: Laura Emanuelson
  • Email Laura: lma‌utneremanuelson@‍yahoo.com (lma‌utneremanuelson null@null ‍yahoo NULL.com)
  • Janesville
  • Zip Code: 53538
  • Organizer: Jane Brewer
  • Email Jane: jane‌995@‍charter.net (‌jane995 null@null ‍charter NULL.net)

No group in your area listed? Want to start your own, or go on a waiting list? Contact us!

A Child After 40 Groups in CANADA


Connie Ogilvie

  • Vancouver
  • Postal Code: V5C 3A8
  • Organizer: Connie Ogilvie
  • Email Connie: c‌onnie_157@‍yahoo.com (connie_‌157 null@null ‍yahoo NULL.com)

Angel LaLiberte

  • North Vancouver
  • Postal Code: V7M 2J5
  • Organizer: Angel LaLiberte
  • Email Angel: edit‌or@‍achildafter40.com (‌editor null@null ‍achildafter40 NULL.com)


  • Toronto
  • Postal Code: M1L 2R5
  • Organizer: Kelly Hayes
  • Email Kelly: kellyd‌awnhayes@‍hotmail.com (ke‌llydawnhayes null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)

No group in your area listed? Want to start your own, or go on a waiting list? Contact us!

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16 Responses to Moms Over 40 Social Groups

  1. […] you’re interested in connecting with other moms over 40 in your hometown by joining, or starting up, a local A Child After 40 group anywhere in the USA or Canada, we’ll support you with a free […]

  2. […] and moms-to-be over 40  in NYC, New York. For more info on Jennifer’s group, please go to our Social Groups page.  (For groups outside of the USA, or how to start your own group, click here.) Jennifer is […]

  3. Nanci says:

    I am interested in joining a Child after 40 Group in Toronto or surrounding area.

    • May says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I am an older mom with and would like to join a social group for achildafter40.com. I live in the Toronto area. Email me if you are still interested.

  4. ana says:

    I am 42 years old and I will be 43 yr. in January 2014. I have been ttc naturally for about 6 months with no luck. My periods are 23 days apart with light bleeding for 3 days (down from 28 days with bleeding for 7 days …. this change occurred in July 2013). I don’t have any children & really want them. Is there hope for me? Are should just give up?

    • Laurasia Duran says:

      There is always hope!! Please don’t give up !!I was blessed with a son @age 40after a long illness. I have 4 daughters.. But NEVER expected to get pregnant again and now I have a 12yr. old sonsoNever give up. You are in mymy prayers.

    • alya d says:

      yes. I had a 21-day cycle for some time. I got acupuncture which lengthened my cycle to 26 days and then got pregnant. took less than a handful of months.

  5. Robin says:

    I am looking for support on line for women over 40 that our trying to get pregnant using IVF

  6. Grounded Parents | Time Magazine and the Impending Twin-pocalypse (http://groundedparents NULL.com/2014/04/25/time_twin_article_review/) says:

    […] maternal age. Were they hard to find? I mean it’s not like they have their own public support boards, Facebook groups (lots of them), books, Meetup Groups, or blogs out there. Oh wait. . […]

  7. Laurasia Duran says:

    I’m 52yrs. old. I have 5 children ages 35,30,24,19 and 12. I’m back in school after a 29yr break and I’m extremely, extremely lonely in mothering my 12yr old son.. also my only boy. I’m hoping SOMEONE will post a reply.. I just need someone to talk to about my issues with this.. Thanx, Laurasia

  8. Shannon Grim says:

    I’m 41 had a surprise pregnancy at 41. My baby girl is now 4 months. Just found out I’m pregnant again. This one was a surprise as well. I really would like to find so kind of support group. Does not look like there is one near me. :

  9. LJ (https://hopefulat40 NULL.wordpress NULL.com/) says:

    I am looking for a group in the Vancouver area, preferably on the South of the Fraser River (I live in Cloverdale) in British Columbia of women over 40 thinking about, trying to conceive or that have conceived to connect with.
    Thank you so very much.

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