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Laura and Brenner

“I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant”, says Access Hollywood TV show host, Laura Saltman, concerning the growing doubts she harbored about fertility in her late 30’s.

Fresh from the Emmys—and chatting with stars like Rob Lowe and Zachary Levi—Saltman talked frankly this week to ACHILDAFTER40.COM about her innermost thoughts on motherhood, pregnancy at 39 and the birth of her son, Brenner, in April this year.

“When I was 35, I had this OB/GYN, with a terrible bedside manner, tell me that I had better get moving if I wanted children or that ship was going to sail.”

“I left her office and cried in the parking lot.”

“With each passing year, I figured I was getting more and more doomed to not having children biologically.”

Like many women approaching midlife, Saltman (http://laurasaltman NULL.com/) admits to becoming more open to adoption because she didn’t want to put pressure on herself waiting for “Mr. Right.”

“I always thought I would have a traditional family like my parents, who’ve been married for 47 years, but it just didn’t shake out that way.”

Yet, the surprise pregnancy was welcome news to her mom—who was “grinning from ear-to-ear”—because she “just wanted to be a grandmother again,” while her dad was “a little more cautious.”

Saltman confides she had a hard time bonding with the baby in her womb because her pregnancy was anything but an easy ride. Also, anxieties were raised when genetic testing revealed that—due to her age and a “funky” blood condition—Brenner had a 1 in 4 chance of having Down Syndrome.

“I had a rough pregnancy,” she says.

“With a posterior placenta, I had trouble gaining weight too, so the baby was kicking the crap out of me from the inside.”

But everything changed the day Brenner was born, a healthy baby boy.

“When I saw that little face for the first time, there was an instant rush of love.”

According to Saltman, the birth of her son changed her life: “Once I brought him home, I would just stare at him and tears of joy would flow down my face.”

In her usual open, tête-à-tête style, Saltman—who has a new blog entitled Midlife Mommies (http://midlifemommies NULL.com/?p=16)—voiced her support for later life motherhood.

“I’m a big believer in living your own life before having children,” she says.

“Honestly, I wasn’t even ready at 39 years old—I felt like I had so much more I was meant to do.”

“We are living such longer lives now. It’s just not fair that our biological clocks are not catching up with that.”

And while she never expected to become a single mother, Laura Saltman has accepted the role with her own brand of faith, and a special message for other single, midlife career moms.

“I believe there’s a plan for everything. This was not my choice to become a single mom.”

“I’m just rolling with the punches and what an amazing journey it is so far.”

“My advice [to other midlife single moms] is to take what God gives you. Don’t worry about the circumstances.”

“Strong women can raise strong, healthy, successful children!”

Talking of 40+ celebrity moms, Saltman revealed her admiration for the former Married With Children (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/Married NULL. NULL. NULL._with_Children) breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate, who gave birth to a daughter in January, 2011.

“I adore Christina. After what she went through with breast cancer, then to have her amazing little girl, I’m so thrilled for her!”

“I know it was hard for her to go back to work on her new NBC show, Up All Night (http://www NULL.nbc NULL.com/up-all-night/), so soon after her daughter, Sadie, was born, but she seems to be balancing it really well.”

Far from a trade-off, Saltman sees midlife motherhood as enhancing her own career as Access Hollywood’s favorite “dish” (http://www NULL.accesshollywood NULL.com/dish-of-salt).

“I believe your child should fit into your life. Not you fitting into theirs.”

“I love being a single mom. I love working. I love what I do.”

“Being a mom has made me such a happier person and I think it shows in my interviews.”

“I’m also trying to include a lot more momcentric stories online and on air, like Body After Baby: Emmy Bootcamp (http://www NULL.accesshollywood NULL.com/body-after-baby-emmy-bootcamp-10-days-to-get-red-carpet-ready_article_53298).”

“I spent 10 days talking to the best nutritionist, trainers, hair and make-up people to get me ready for the Emmy’s.”

“It wasn’t just about me—it was bringing the tricks that Hollywood celebrities use out to the public.”

Dedicated to finding life balance, Saltman is a firm believer in reaching out to others for support and guidance—including her pediatrician, mom friends and an enriched daycare program she feels can enhance her child’s development.

“I just go with my mom instincts.”

“Age is just a number. Brenner doesn’t care how old I am—he just loves his mommy!”

Notes for this blog:

You can follow Laura Saltman’s “Midlife Mommies” on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/midlifemommies

Her blog URL: http://midlifemommies.com

About Angel LaLiberte:

Angel La Liberte is the founder of the website Flower Power Mom.com—The Truth About Motherhood After 40 (www.flowerpowermom.com), a regular blog featuring commentary, real mom stories and expert advice about motherhood after 40. She regularly campaigns for more supportive attitudes towards women having children in midlife and more awareness on the realities (social and physical) of being a later life mother.

Angel also hosts “A Child After 40”, an online community to empower all women on the journey of motherhood after 40. She gave birth to her children at 41 and 44 after conceiving naturally.

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3 Responses to ACHILDAFTER40.COM Talks With Access Hollywood’s New Over-40 Mom

  1. Michelle says:

    Great article, Angel! I enjoy reading about other after-40 birth and or parenting stories.

    Laura Saltman is a grounded person, and talented. She’s someone we can respect. I appreciated how she rolled with events and was able to find her way through an unexpected pregnancy. This reminds me of how author, Claudia Spahr, says we can conceive, even though we’re often told we cannot. Saltman thought at that point in her life pregnancy wasn’t possible, it was nice to know her options were still wide open.

  2. Heather Held (http://www NULL.fortylicious NULL.ca) says:

    I really enjoyed this article! I have a friend who is trying to get pregnant at 43 and one who had her second at 41! I will be telling them about this for sure!

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