Informed Choices

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For the first time…

Experts reveal the truth about later motherhood.


What Women Should Know About Fertility, Birth And Parenting After 40.

Production & Editing donated by Nada Miljkovic of Artist On Art (Formerly

launches the first multidisciplinary panel of doctors and experts to speak up on motherhood after 40.

Watch the experts on video. Hear more on what they have to say on fertility, pregnancy, birth, parenting and many of the controversial social issues surrounding later motherhood. Choose an expert.


Highlights of Informed Choices For Later Mothers:

“It’s heartbreaking when I see patients who didn’t really realize that their fertility was declining as they got older. The freezing of unfertilized eggs when women are younger is one of the great advancements of the last decade in the fertility world.”

– Paula Amato, M.D.,
Fertility Specialist, Oregon Health & Science University

“Chinese medicine suggests that women have the potential to conceive up to the age of 49. Research shows that our society is not super-healthy and we are seeing it on all levels. The reality is that, because of our lifestyles, we are sub-fertile.”

– Lorne Brown
Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, B.Sc., FABORM.

“People spend weeks and months shopping for an SUV or a condo, but not for a doctor. Women over 40 particularly should shop for the right OB/GYN. Why? They are are wiser, and know what they want, but more needy. If you’ve waited all this time to be a parent, are you really going to settle for something less?”

– Bill Chun, M.D., OB/GYN

“Are women foolish for delaying children until they have fertility issues? It’s now documented that for every year a college-educated, full-time working woman delays having children, she makes 5% more in wages and 12% more in overall earnings”

– Dr. Elizabeth Gregory,
Director of Women’s Studies, University of Houston, Texas.

“Our middle years are technically between the ages of 40 and 60. There is a natural tendency in the middle of any process to turn around, reassess and make a new commitment, or change direction. Why it should be any different with becoming a parent than it is with changing careers?”

– Dr. Nancy Irwin,
Los Angeles-based Psychotherapist and Author

“It is a very powerful social phenomenon—the only group of mothers that is having more children than before are older mothers. This should really capture our attention because it has many implications for the health of women and their children, our social structure, economics and culture.”

– Vardit Ravitsky,
Bioethicist, University of Montreal

“Older mothers have the extra challenge of not being part of the group since they are not yet the norm. They are often left out of the younger parent communities to fend for themselves and the risk of them feeling isolated and becoming depressed is significant. We need to figure out how to develop communities to help these moms connect.”

– Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D.,
Clinical-Child Psychologist, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Fertility declines substantially after 35 and I don’t think anyone is talking to women about this. While someone in the news can have a baby at 45 or 48, very seldom do they talk about how much effort that celebrity went through, or that they may have had egg donation from a younger woman.”

– Mache Seibel, M.D.,
Women’s Health Specialist, University of Massachusetts Medical School


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