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Harris Fisher, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine

By  Harris  Fisher, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness Clinic, Vancouver, Canada.
Couples  who are trying to get pregnant after the age of 40 may  find  some  benefit  from  the deep  history  of  Chinese  medicine.  With  a  tradition  of  doctors  serving  the  emperor  to  ensure  he had  an  heir  to  his  throne,  Chinese  medicine  has  long  been  used  to  enhance  the  fertility  potential of  both  men  and  women.


Observing  the  Natural  World  in  Order  to  Know  the  Body

Chinese  medicine  theory  was  established  before  the  human  body  was  surgically  dissected.  The complex  inner  workings  of  the  body  were  instead  explained  with  reference  to  natural  phenomena and  the  concept  of  holistic  balance.  The  aim  is  to  establish  which  organ  systems  are  out  of balance  and  then  treat  the  mechanism  of  the  imbalance.


The  Uterus  is  Extraordinary  (the  ovaries  too)

The  Uterus  is  considered  extraordinary  because  it  has  the  function  of  storing  blood,  generating life  and  expelling  both  these  which  is  a  unique  function  not  shared  by  other  organs.  There  are three  organs  directly  associated  with  the  Uterus,  the  Liver,  Kidney  and  Heart*.  The  Liver  is responsible  for  nourishment  and  regulation,  the  Kidneys  store  our  fertility  potential  and  the  Heart governs  the  vessels  that  supply  the  uterus.  The  mind  is  seen  as  an  extension  of  the  Heart.


What  Needs  Treating?

If  you  chart  your  basal  body  temperatures  (BBT)  you  may  be  able  to  identify  areas  of  imbalance. A  drastic  saw  toothed  pattern  for  example,  requires  that  the  Liver  and  Heart  system  need balancing.  Temperatures  that  are  lower  then  36.0  degrees  celsius  in  the  first  half  generally require  treatment  to  the  Kidney  system.  Low  temperatures  in  the  second  half  will  usually  require treatment  of  both  the  Heart  and  Kidney  systems.


Nourish  the  Kidneys  to  Improve  Egg  Quality

Since  the  Kidneys  are  responsible  for  our  fertility  potential,  using  herbs  such  as  Eucommia  Bark (Du  Zhong)  ,  Japanese  Teasel  Root  (Xu  Duan),  Cordyceps  (Dong  Chong  Xia  Cao)  and  Chinese Fox  Glove  root  (Shu  Di  Huang)  can  increase  egg  quality  as  well  as  support  the  mother  in carrying  the  pregnancy.


Treat  the  Heart  to  Calm  the  Mind  and  Assist  Implantation

The  mind  is  an  extension  of  the  Heart,  so  herbs  that  address  the  Heart  will  have  a  positive  effect on  the  mind.  Longan  Fruit  Flesh  (Long  Yan  Rou),  Arbor-­Vitae  Seed  (Bai  Zi  Ren)  and  Sour  Jujube Seed  (Suan  Zao  Ren)  are  nourishing  herbs  that  calm  through  supporting  the  Heart.  Mimosa  Tree Bark  (He  Huan  Pi)  and  Polygonum  Vine  (Ye  Jiao  Teng)  work  by  supporting  the  function  of  the Heart  in  gently  moving  blood  to  calm  and  treat  insomnia.


Benefit  the  Liver  to  Nourish  the  Uterus  and  Regulate  Menstruation

The  Liver  is  integral  in  maintaining  the  cyclic  fertile  rhythm  of  the  menstrual  cycle.  In  order  to have  the  best  chance  of  conceiving  it  is  important  to  maintain  a  regular  cycle  of  approximately 28-­30  days  with  ovulation  occurring  14  days  prior  to  the  next  menstruation.  Chinese  Angelica Root  (Dang  Gui),  Chinese  Motherwort  (Yi  Mu  Cao),  White  Peony  Root  (Bai  Shao)  are  used  to regulate  blood  flow  and  normalize  the  menstrual  cycle.


Putting  it  all  together…

Chinese  herbs  are  most  commonly  combined  to  produce  a  synergistically  acting  formula specific  for  the  individual.  With  the  assistance  of  a  doctor  of  Chinese  medicine  you  can determine  the  organ  systems  that  may  be  out  of  balance  and  customize  an  herbal  formula  to addresses  these  imbalances.

*The  organ  names  used  in  Chinese  medicine  theory  are  the  same  as  those  in  Western  physiology,  however the  understanding  of  their  function  and  system  are  somewhat  different.  Organ  names  have  been  capitalized to  denote  the  Chinese  medicine  understanding  of  the  organ  and  its  related  system.

This article is intended as a resource only and not as a treatment plan. Please see a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for professional guidance before purchasing or administering herbal treatments.

Notes for this blog:

Dr. Harris Fisher is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness (http://yinstill NULL.com/) clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. His practice focuses on the treatment of fertility, pelvic pain and menstrual disorders. Harris also provides complimentary care to woman and couples undergoing assisted reproductive techniques (IVF, ICSI, IUI) and is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). http://yinstill.com/ (http://yinstill NULL.com/).

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39 Responses to How To Increase Your Fertility After 40 With Chinese Herbs

  1. Mary PERERA says:

    Can I buy those medicines by post order?
    Am living in Norway.

    Had one miscarriage last year with my natural pregnancy around month of two.Am 43yrs old and longing to get a child.

    Please help me.


    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello Mary,

      Thanks for your question. It is important to make sure you get the correct herbs for your constitution and pattern. My recommendation to you is to find a practitioner of Chinese medicine in Norway that will assess your specific needs and formulate a prescription that will be right for you.

      Norway and China came to an agreement about the safe practice of Chinese medicine in 1999 so I expect that you should have access to a practitioner familiar with prescribing herbs. If you have any further questions or concerns I suggest you contact me directly at ‌harris@‍yinstill.com (‌harris null@null ‍yinstill NULL.com),

  2. Muriel says:

    I have been trying to have a baby, but now I am trying to use this procedure call Embryo adoption how would I get assistant on that

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello Muriel,

      Thanks for your question. Your best bet for information on Embryo adoption would be to contact an assisted reproductive clinic / fertility clinic.

      I would highly recommend supporting your body through this process with herbal medicine as well. Maximize the environment for conception.

      Take care,

  3. Charlotte says:

    I am 44 years old and im longing for a child. where can i buy these chinese medicine since i live in south africa?

  4. Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

    Hello Charlotte,

    I am not sure what the laws around Chinese medicine are in South Africa, but it appears that Chinese medicine has been regulated there since 2002 so you will be able to find qualified practitioners. You will want to find a practitioner that can accurately assess what your body would benefit from. A well prescribed formula of herbal medicine will be individualized for you.

    I would suggest checking in your local business listings for someone that practices Chinese medicine and specializes in fertility. If you have further questions or concerns please contact me directly
    h‌arris@‍yinstill.com (‌harris null@null ‍yinstill NULL.com)

    Take care,

    • CT says:

      Hi Charlotte & Dr Harris,

      Try the Kim Loong Wushu Centre – South Africa, Shirfu / Dr Jeff Lan who is also a practitioner of TCHM and an Acupuncturist . Their website is http://www.kimloong.org (http://www NULL.kimloong NULL.org)

      Best of luck Charlotte

  5. Liz says:

    http://www.suntenglobal.com/about/founder.php (http://www NULL.suntenglobal NULL.com/about/founder NULL.php)

    Here is another company that producces Chinese Herbs and distributes them worldwide. Maybe contact them to see if they have practitioners who supply and treat with these herbs.

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Thanks Liz,

      Sun ten is a great company. I use their products for all my granule and capsule formulations. In British Columbia they are distributed by Bema Botanicals
      http://www.bemabotanicals.com/ (http://www NULL.bemabotanicals NULL.com/)

  6. Ricanna Wightman (http://childafter40) says:

    I just turned 40 and , my husband and I is trying to conceive, it’s been a year and I was wondering what Chinese herbs I need to take to help me conceive.

  7. Alice says:

    I HAVE A QUESTION…is Chinese Herbs like the ones from radiant wonder, better than the supplements from Fairhaven health?

    I have realized that these 2 websites have some very interesting products, which makes it hard for me to decide which would be best for me.

    can someone help me to decide?

    thank you…

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello Alice,

      I personally don’t see the situation as an either or decision, I often recommend supplements in addition to herbal medicine. The herbal medicine should be targeted towards correcting the underlying imbalance or pathology. Whereas the supplements are recommended to enhance dietary intake and ensure the optimal delivery of nutrients to the body as well as making up for any deficiencies that may exist.

      The best plan would be to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner in your area for an assessment. They will be able to recommend which herbal medicine is right for you and your unique presentation as well as suggest some supplements that would be of benefit to optimize your chances of trying to conceive.

      Take care,

  8. Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

    Hello Alice,

    Just a follow up from my post above, I spoke with Radiant Health today and their quality appears to be quite good. The compounding of the herbs is reported to be done on site from the raw ingredients.

  9. Ilita Collins says:

    I am 47 years old and would like to conceive as I have no children. I had fibroids removed last year. My last period lasted for 1 day after a 30 day cycle (normally between 23-27 day cycle) and was quite dark in colour, like a black/brownish colour, which was strange because my periods are normally regular. Do you think it is possible for me to get pregnant at my age naturally. I will be 48 next year April. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello Ilita,

      Thank you for your question. I would not read too much into one period that is different from your usual pattern. If this continues or your cycle becomes irregular for more than 3 cycles then you will want to have your hormones checked.

      Since you have a history of fibroids of significant enough size to be removed I would certainly recommend working with a Doctor of Chinese medicine or Naturopath that focuses on reproductive health. Working on the root mechanism that caused these fibroids will be helpful for regulating your menstrual cycle and optimize any chance you may still have of becoming pregnant naturally.

      All the best,

  10. medianah (http://childafter40 NULL.) says:

    Hi Harris,
    I am 44 years old I have two kids 6 and 4 years old, also I had two miscarriage. I used some chain median for treatment I did acupuncture for 6 months, but nothing is happening I been trying since July of 2012.I am in Seattle Washington.

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello Medianah,

      I am not familiar with chain median treatment as this is not something I use in my practice. I would encourage you to be patient with the acupuncture, you may want to consider Chinese herbal medicine as well.

      I wish you success,

  11. uche Aka says:

    Hi,I’m 38yrs old residing in SA.I’ve been trying for a baby for over a year.went for some tests and found out that my tubes are blocked,and also have fibroid and an untreated PID.pls can TCM help to unblock the tubes and also clear the fibroids and probably help me 2 concieve?.I really want to have a child before I get to 40.I found out a chinese traditional clinic close to me in johannesburg run by Dr susan sun,I plan to book for an appointment soonest.

    • Harris (http://www NULL.yinstill NULL.com) says:

      Hello uche Aka,

      Can you give us an update on your experience with Dr. Susan Sun? I am hoping that you have had some positive results and perhaps would like to share these with the rest of the readers.

      With thanks,

  12. tracy says:

    I am a mother of three (43 years old) trying to conceive with my second husband. He has no bio children of his own and would like to share a child together. Is there hope?

  13. Christina says:

    I am 48 and have 2 children and have had 2 miscarriages in my mid 40s. Is there any Chinese medicine centre you could recommend in Australia (QLD)?

  14. patricia dawkins says:

    I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 17 yrs . I found out that I have fibroids, but the doctor wanted me to take out my wombs, I don’t want to do that because I want a baby. I was pregnant once and had a miscarriage ,and never gotten pregnant again,now am 48 yrs old. Is it possible that I can still get pregnant at my age .

  15. harriet says:

    hello Harris. my menses did not come in June and I am 42 years. am I pregnant or menopause. what should I do. I still need children

  16. joyce says:



  17. savita says:

    i would like to conceive.am 42 yrs$ my periods are irregular.pls suggest no history of fibriods or misscarriges.pls suggest chinese medchine n my spouse is diabetic,$ of 54 yrs of age.

  18. Maddie Ridgway-Brown says:

    I am 51 healthy and fit. My partner is much younger 44.. We really would like a child. I live in London. I would like to see if Chinese Medicine will help? DO you think I have a chance of conceiving? Many thanks, Maddie

  19. Ruka says:

    I am 41years from Nigeria. Please can you recommend any Chinese fertility clinic in Nigeria. I have been trying to convince for 12 years now. I have tried ivf 4times with no success

  20. memory says:

    Where in Zimbabwe can I get the Chinese fertility herbs

  21. Feta says:

    Hi, I am 41 yrs from Kosovo. In past three years I have history of 4 miscarriages, 2 failed IFV cycles due to poor egg quality. Doctors say that I’m too old to have a baby, Can you tell me is there any Chinese Doctor in my region Balkans – south of Europe.

    thank you in advance.

  22. Tina says:

    Did you have any help getting pregnant or naturally I had daughter now 4 at 41 and my son at 43 and now just 46 have been trying for 12 months not even a pregnancy:-/ I have normal periods I ovulate but nothing . I take vitamins and asprin as did to stay pregnant with first 2 as 4 mc before them Any ideas help

  23. rramatulai cuffey says:

    Sometimes my husband is impotent, he is 42 years old we have got married for almost five years without having a child. I need a Chinese herbal doctor to me with this problem. Thanks in advance

  24. Shari says:


    I am 40 and in the process of becoming a Gestational Carrier. I just went through my first med protocol (Lupron, estradiol, and Progesterone) My lining was able to get to 7.1mm and then I started the Progesterone. My lining ended up thinning after starting the Progesterone to 5mm and our transfer was canceled. I am just wondering if there are some other natural things I can do on my end to help thicken my uterine lining so that this is not an issue for our next try. Thank you:)

  25. lindy says:

    Where can I find chinese clinic around joburg?I real wanna c d dr I need a child seriously I’m 38 years.my husband have 2 kids b4 me. We’ve been 2gether 4 8yrs now.I’m so stressed,plz help me.

    • Jeanneth (http://gmail) says:

      I’m 35yrs no child but I had miscarage on 2012 and it was 5month with a baby boy,but now is difficult to conceive again, no fibriod, no cyst but irregular periods, I went to a Dr he says everything is good but is difficult to conceive and my husband has a baby gal during our relationship with other girl and she’s 7yrs now,please help me to find chinise herbs at Jo’burg I stay in Soweto I really need kids my heart is painfull day and night
      Thank you

    • bongis says:

      where are your consulting rooms in Johannesburg

  26. Relindis says:

    Hello, Went to the hospital, wss diagnosed with Dysfuntional ovaries. Am 37, l live in Japan. How can I get herbs to remedy this situation? Please, l need a baby and would like to know what to do.

  27. sagira (http://Achildafter40) says:

    iam 43 yrs old i get irregular period 6 months . my husband 45 we have been together 14 yrs no pregnancy i was in acupuncture 6 months i will like to get pregnancy please help me. i live u.s.a

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