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By Monica O’Connor

As a woman over 40, wanting to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, I believe it is important to utilize a broad range of natural therapies to enhance our reproductive health.

Using essential oils is just one of those ways which can play a vital role in enhancing fertility, particularly for women over the age of 40. However the importance of diet, lifestyle and personal relationships cannot be overlooked.

Here are 3 fertility enhancing oils that are easy to purchase, smell amazing, and don’t cost the earth. A word of caution: when purchasing essential oils go to your local health food store, or purchase online through a reputable company. Its the best way to ensure you are buying a therapeutic oil, rather than a fragrant oil which won’t have any healing effect and can smell rather nasty!


1. Geranium Essential Oil: The women’s essential oil

Geranium is known as the women’s essential oil due to its amazing hormonal balancing properties; it has the ability to regulate your cycle and is an ovarian and uterine tonic.

On top of physical healing Geranium oil works profoundly on the emotions. As an anti-depressant, it soothes fractured nerves – extremely valuable when trying to conceive.


2. Clary Sage Essential Oil: A natural aphrodisiac

Clary Sage is a powerful oil that positively influences the female reproductive system. Clary sage mimics natural oestrogens and encourages the body to produce its own oestrogen, which will help to regulate the menstrual cycle.

It is excellent for anxiety and has a reputation as an aphrodisiac; why not put some in an oil burner in your bedroom and see what magic you can create together?


3. Orange Essential Oil: Uplifting for the emotions

Women choosing to have a child over the age of 40 are given a lot of negative media attention, which can be a real downer. This oil is uplifting for the emotions, especially when its difficult to remain optimistic.

It’s hard to stay positive beneath the pressures of day-to-day expectations we place upon ourselves, along with those we allow others to place upon us. Using orange oil is an act of self-love and self-preservation!


 How should you use essential oils?

Treatment should begin on the last day of your period; choose a single oil or make blend with the oils above and use 6 – 8 drops of your chosen oil/s in the bath; and make a massage oil using 1 drop of essential oil to 1ml of carrier oil.

Carrier oil can be sweet almond oil, sunflower oil even olive oil if that is all you have.  Rub the oil over the whole abdomen, the hips, across the lower back, including the upper crease of the buttocks.  It’s important not to forget the lower back area because this is where the nerves are that reach the ovaries and uterus.

Use essential oils as part of your tool kit to healthy and vibrant fertility over the age of 40; have fun with them, appreciate how they make you feel both emotionally and physically and above all enjoy the journey.


About Monica O’Connor

Monica is on a journey of conscious fertility and conception after 40, exploring the boundaries of conventional medicine and following the path of aromatherapy herbs, Australian bush flower remedies, meditation, superfoods, and yoga. She already has two gorgeous teenage children! Monica is now on her second marriage, over the age of 40, and wanting to bring another being into the world to share the love.

She has been a Massage Therapist, Aroma Therapist and Australian Bush Flower Practitioner since 1994.

To contact her: http://about.me/monlorraine (http://about NULL.me/monlorraine)



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14 Responses to 3 Essential Oils That Enhance Fertility After 40

  1. brenda says:

    If started on the last day of my cycle, how many days should the essential oil treatment continue? Thanks!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Brenda,
      I use the blend from the last day of my period up until ovulation; I then stop and restart on the last day of my period again. The reason for the break is that Clary Sage can be a contraindication during early pregnancy – it’s fantastic to use in an oil burner at any time – just not applied. Does that clear it up for you? Any further information that you would like please let me know I am happy to help!

  2. Šárka says:

    Hi, can I have the latin name of “clary sage”? It´s difficult for me to translate it into my language. Thanks a lot.

  3. Connie says:

    I am 45 using a donor egg, retrieval was today and transfer will be Friday or Sunday. I am a nervous wreck. Any essential oils I can apply, that are appropriate given the window I am in?

    Thank you!

  4. Alice says:

    I wanted to ask a question regarding how to use the oils to rub on my abdomen and back after taking the bath…Im not sure of the measurements…could you advise me? am I suppose to use the whole bottle of (say for instance) the almond oil to use 1 drop of the other oils to put on my body?

    • Alice says:

      what is a carrier oil?

      • Barbara says:

        Coconut oil or olive oil is a good carrier oil. Carrier oil helps the essential oil last longer and spread farther during massage or application on larger areas. Carrier oil does dilute essential oil and makes it not.so potent at one spot

  5. Kim (http://Pved) says:

    Do you have any info about private embryo adoption looking to adopt dh and I have tried four all bfn I’m 45 just looking for hope

  6. Angela says:

    Hi! Due to pcos issues, we finally got pregnant with the help from fertility med Chlomid. I have been done nursing for 4 months and still no cycle (which I never had regular ones prior). I was researching to see if essential oils would help regulate my hormones and get things going. Would you recommend these same oils and if so, can I start them any time rather waiting for who knows how long till AF comes. Approaching 40, time is sensitive and I would love to get pregnant naturally if possible.

  7. ntombi (http://gmail) says:

    i tried ivf nov 2013 and was unsuccessful.. i want to try again in oct. i undergone surgery for fallopian tubes b4 i can start with the procedure. i produced 3eggs,according to the Dr the quality wad poor. what can i do to improve the quality and to make the womb hold the embreyo. am turning 44sept. am so desperate to have a child

  8. mabel says:

    how long should you take this before going through IVF treatments?….Im 43 and going through our third round of IVF….this sounds very hopefull…;)

  9. nomvula says:

    Monica I’m in South Africa, 44, have 1 child, I wonder if I can get these oils this side. I’m looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Andrea James says:

    I am 44 and my boyfriend is 62 and we are trying to have a baby.I am thinking of using essential oils and clomiphene from my obgyn to increase my chances of getting pregnant.Any help will be appreciated

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