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Submit content or questions to:
Angel LaLiberte at edi‌tor@‍ (e‌ditor null@null ‍AChildAfter40


Your content MUST be of interest to the target group: a) women who are TTC, or pregnant over 40 or, b) already gave birth over 40 and facing the all of the challenges of raising children in mid or later life. Areas of interest include:

  • Fertility, pregnancy, birth after 40, natural fertility, egg donation, egg freezing, IVF, “advanced
    maternal age”, high risk.
  • Parenting babies/young children in later life (humor is ok)
  • Health, menopause, aging, while coping with babies or young children
  • Career, loss off, working moms, how to re-start, launch a home biz
  • Finances, retirement, funding retirement and kids’ education
  • Your personal success story–how you got pregnant and gave birth over 40


HOW TO TITLES: The format is prescriptive and/or entertaining. Offer knowledge, insight, tips, expert advice, or personal experience, in a format that’s easy to scan and read.

Write attention-grabbing titles. For example: “8 Ways Belly Dancing Can Enhance Fertility After 40”, “How Belly Dancing Can Help You Conceive After 40”, “Belly Dance Your Way To Pregnancy Over 40”, “How Diet Can Ease Your Menopausal Mood Swings”, “Top 10 Toxins That Accelerate Aging”, “5 Ways To Increase Fertility Over 40”, “How to Get Pregnant Naturally After 40”, “3 Social Ice-Breakers For Coping With Younger Moms”, “What To Say When They Mistake You For ‘Grandma’”, “6 Things You Should Know About Play Date Etiquette”, “How To Meet Other Older Moms”, “Saving For Two: Kid’s College, Your Retirement”.

You can also use questions: “What Are The New Rules of Child Rearing?”, “How Can You Save For Retirement AND College Tuition?”, “Can You Conceive Naturally After 40?”, “Is It Too Late To Freeze Your Eggs?”, “Can You Still Be Fashionable At 50?”


PERSONAL STORY TITLES: Tell us your success story of how you got pregnant and had your baby over 40, either via natural or assisted methods!

The format is inspirational and candid. Our readers love stories of hope! Write about your journey of conception, pregnancy and birth after 40. Include the challenges you had to overcome, and the joys of success. Remember to include a photo of yourself and your baby/babies or children.

Examples: I Had 3 Babies Naturally After 40, and I’m Trying for Number 4!Love, Marriage & Babies After 40? You Bet!


“How To” articles:

Write an intro of 2-4 sentences, and then use bullet points, numeric points, or subheadings, each followed by 1-2 short paragraphs. Use bold or underlining to highlight subheads, or the intro to a bullet, or numeric point.

Example of subheads for “How To” articles: 2. Belly dancing increases circulation.

Then, include brief explanation of how it increases circulation and enhances fertility. Incorporate key words into title and body, such as: “older moms, older mom, moms over 40, pregnant after 40, advanced maternal age, baby over 40, pregnant over 45, older first time moms, mature moms, midlife moms”. But don’t overdo the key words! Keep the writing punchy, interesting and informative.

“Personal Story” articles:

Don’t worry about format initially–just start at the beginning and write from the heart. After you’ve done, please go over it to correct spelling and grammar. We’ll edit the length for you after submission. Please include a brief description of yourself in the Byline (see below). If you have a blog or an online business, we can include it.


It should be no longer than 500-600 words for the blog, and 40 words for your bio.

Byline/Self Promotion:

HOW TO TITLES: Include a byline under the title: e.g., “By Dr. Jane Doe, Medical Director of ABC Health Centers.” We cannot include a live link in the byline for technical reasons. Provide a photograph of yourself, and a 1-paragraph (1-3 sentences) bio, including a live hyperlink to your site.

PERSONAL STORY TITLES: Byline under the title, e.g., “By Jane Doe, mother and parenting blogger, Wisconsin, USA”, or “By Jane Doe, mother and part-time estate agent, Surrey, England”, or just “Jane Doe, Ontario, Canada”. Include a photo of you and your children.

Submit content or questions to:
Angel LaLiberte at e‌ditor@‍ (‌editor null@null ‍AChildAfter40

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