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Dierdre Morris, The Fertility Evolution

By Deidre Morris, MSc., M.Ed., TheFertilityEvolution.com

In his research with stem cells, Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. (see link below) concluded that the most important factor in determining what happens in the human body is the mind.  According to him, our interpretations and perceptions affect our blood and that this in turn determines the fate of cells.

Below, I share 10 tips aimed at empowering women over 40 trying to conceive to harness the power of this research so that you can have your baby over 40 and well beyond.


Tip 1: Interpret Evidence of Your Fertility

Instead of assuming that your chances of getting pregnant are reducing with each month, choose to see your period as powerful evidence of your fertility and view it as your body letting go of what needs to be shed before you and your baby come together.


Tip 2: Interpret Fertility Statistics

Dr. Jean Twenge shares that ‘millions of women are being told when to get pregnant based on statistics from a time before electricity, antibiotics, or fertility treatment’. When you hear negative statistics, you can interpret them as numbers that just don’t apply to your unique fertility journey.


Tip 3: Interpret Evidence of Your Motherhood

When you see a pregnant woman or hear the news of yet another pregnancy, allow yourself to receive it as a reminder of your own proximity with pregnancy. When somebody asks if you have children, assume that she/he is picking up on your imminent pregnancy and giving you a sign!


Tip 4: Interpret Your Emotions

It is the feminine that brings forth new life. Begin to honor your feelings and emotions. Remember that when you are emotional, it is just evidence of the feminine in you expressing herself and paving the way for even greater expression in the form of a baby!


Tip 5: Interpret The Friendship of Your Body

Your body really is your friend. Choose to believe that it is completely on your side and preparing beautifully for your baby even if you cannot perceive the details right now. Get into the habit of thanking your body for all that it does and being a safe, nourishing space for your baby.


Tip 6: Perceive Your Youth

Make a long list of all your youthful aspects or anything that points to you being young and fit e.g. being able to stretch and move with ease, your laughter, your wonder etc. Read this often and add it so that you become more and more aware of your true youthfulness.


Tip 7: Perceive The Child Within

Start doing the things that you loved as a child. Skip down the street. Dance to your favorite tune. Make a daisy chain. Sing out loud. Every day spend time with your own inner child as preparation for special time with your little one.


Tip 8: Perceive Support For Your Motherhood

Even if they are not conscious of it, decide the every person and experience is guiding you into motherhood (especially those who seem insensitive). In your mind, thank them for supporting healthy, mature motherhood in ways that neither of you are aware of yet.


Tip 9:  Perceive Your Fertility

It is understandable that we need to share sadness. But if you keep on beating the drum of loss, that becomes the environment that shapes what is happening in your body. Replace infertility discussions with fertility ones so that the latter can become dominant in your vibration.


Tip 10: Perceive Positive Others

It matters who you share your time with. Others’ fears and beliefs have taking viagra generic (https://www NULL.canadianpharmacyon NULL.com/product/viagra-sildenafil/). Choose to spend time with people who are confident in your ability to have a baby over 40 and will hold that vision for you even when you feel shaky.


Notes for this blog:

More about Deirdre Morris, M.Sc., M.Ed., “The Fertility Evolutionist”, can be found at:  www.TheFertilityEvolution.com (http://www NULL.TheFertilityEvolution NULL.com/)

More on Bruce Lipton can be found at: http://www.brucelipton.com/ (http://www NULL.brucelipton NULL.com/)


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10 Responses to Get Pregnant After 40 Using Mind Over Matter

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this piece, and it’s come at the right time. I’m currently 43 and undergoing treatments. It’s am emotional journey but I am definitely thinking positively.

  2. Theresa (http://www NULL.imnot20anymore NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    I have been talking with Freind’s and whomever will listen about a positive attitude helping me conceive a child naturally at two weeks shy of my forty fourth birthday. We own a store in Miami and have many women come through over the past five years since I became pregnant and gave birth to our beautiful son, when they find out my age when I concieved and gave burth to him they seem surprised and ask what I did. I tell them first off we waited my husband and I on purpose my husband is eleven years older than I am, I just knew in my heart, in my being whatever you want to call it that I would get pregnant naturally and to top that I knew it would happen fast!!
    It happened in two months to be exact, I did misscarry my first pregnancy which in hindsight I can’t believe I can write about now since it was devastating and threw me into a deep depression for a time.
    But I slowly slowly pulled myself out of that dark place, it was very hard mind you but I did it and almost a year to the date was pregnant with our son!! A very intense road traveled with Many lessons along the way but worth every step, every mountain, every joy. Stay positive, when negative thoughts come into your head push them out with a happy baby’s face or giggle, don’t listen to people who doubt walk away fast from them, surround yourself with positive inspirations!!

  3. Jordy (http://tryingpregnant NULL.blogspot NULL.com/) says:

    Interesting info.. very helpful. I have had no success for years at 44. At least i dont feel so alone I have 2 other friends in similar positions or well 1 friend now because my other friend finally did get pregnant after doing loads of research, using some of these tips an reading guide after guide.

  4. Liz says:

    And go to the doctor and check your iron, magnesium, zinc and hormone levels. You may need a top up of progesterone, even young women need this. It can be a simple health issue that needs some attention.

  5. 40+ and Trying for 1st? Join in! - Page 55 - BabyandBump (http://babyandbump NULL.momtastic NULL.com/trying-conceive-over-35/1913691-40-trying-1st-join-55 NULL.html#post30066363) says:

    […] I know Briss isn't feeling positive right now, and that's pretty normal, but let's put out some positive energy in her honor! This was a nice blog entry over on "A Child After 40" https://achildafter40.com/get-pregnan…d-over-matter/ […]

  6. 10 Tips To Enhance Fertility Over 40 :: The Fertility Evolution (http://www NULL.thefertilityevolution NULL.com/10-tips-to-enhance-fertility-over-40/) says:

    […] the meantime, I invite you to read an article I wrote for  A Child After 40 which draws on this research and shares 10 Tips on how you can support your fertility over 40 and […]

  7. RK (http://www NULL.divineny NULL.com) says:

    Thank you for this! I do already follow many of the things your say….it really is mindset….but every now and then the fear of “reality” based on what I hear, read and people say creeps in. But I’ve been good at blocking out that noise and hoping for major changes and miracles in the next year!

  8. j says:

    it’s nice to read the article and comments. i’m 43 now and my ivfs have not worked. no one has worked more hard on this than me, no one. and this includes relaxing and stress free. i’m going to do my last low stim ivf then the dreaded donor eggs. i’m now at a point that my depression is bad and no i have not been depressed all this time. i’ve been hopeful. very few get pregnant at 42, 43. the art and science of this is telling me it’s not going to work for me. i did get pregnant on my first low stim ivf but it stopped growing at 6 wks. i like to be hopeful but it’s stupid to be going in blind, the stats are there and are true unfortunately.

  9. Taunya says:

    Thank you! Mind/Matter

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