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FlowerPowerMom.com today announces the upcoming launch of INFORMED CHOICES FOR LATER MOTHERS: What Women Should Know About Fertility, Birth and Parenting After 40, with the release of a 2-minute film trailer revealing key highlights. To view, visit FlowerPowerMom.com.

It’s the first multidisciplinary panel of doctors and experts to speak candidly on the controversy surrounding later motherhood.
The panel will premiere on MOTHER’S DAY, 13TH MAY 2012 at www.FlowerPowerMom.com —the advocacy website for later mothers—in a short film featuring experts fromreproductive endocrinology, obstetrics, Chinese medicine, clinical-child psychology, adult psychotherapy and bioethics.

In “Informed Choices For Later Mothers”, experts call for change in how we understand and deal with the skyrocketing population of women around the world having children after 40.
WATCH the short 2-minute trailer by clicking on the FPM homepage: www.FlowerPowerMom.com.

For more information, please contact:
Angel LaLiberte, Founder
Informed Choices for Later Mothers at www.FlowerPowerMom.com
Email: editor at flowerpowermom dot com.

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