Ethics and Disclosures

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  • I will create links to demonstrate the sources of my information including other blogs, websites, or printed materials.
  • I will write honestly about my thoughts, feelings and perceptions on any subject matter, whether it is about a product, issue or event.
  • If I am receiving free samples or a form of financial recompense for writing about a specific product, I will disclose this, within the body of text, or at the end of the relevant blog.
  • I will not accept advertising for products or services which, to my knowledge, contravene my own ethical position.
  • I believe in honest expression and the right to “agree to disagree”, without the conscious intention of causing hurt or harm.
  • Note: I am currently an Amazon Associate which means that if you buy a product from Amazon through a customized link on my site that I will receive a small commission.
  • Comments that appear to be intended to cause hurt, harm or harassment will be deleted.
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One Response to Ethics and Disclosures

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