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By Jean M. Twenge, author of The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant.

If you’re over 40 and worried you’ll never get pregnant, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most of what you read online and in magazines about fertility after 40 isn’t true, or isn’t relevant.

Here’s 10 things you should be aware of regarding natural conception after 40, based on the best data available:

1. Most data on fertility after 40 quoted online (and even in patient guides by doctors) comes from either IVF fertility treatment or from birth records from the 1900 or earlier.

2. You might have read that the chance of pregnancy per cycle is only 5% at age 40. I was never able to locate a source for this statistic, and none of the fertility experts I spoke with knew where it came from. That leads me to believe it’s not true.

3. To my knowledge, there are only two studies of natural fertility after 40 based on women born in the 20th century.

4. Both studies look at women who have already had at least one child. Fertility rates in this group tend to be higher than among those who have never had a child. That may be because among women with even somewhat inconsistent birth control use, some accidental pregnancies would have occurred. If they didn’t, there might be an underlying fertility issue unconnected to age (like blocked tubes or sperm issues). Some speculate that having children could also make women more fertile, but that has not been scientifically proven.

5.  A 1985 study (http://www NULL.bmj NULL.com/content/290/6483/1697) found that among women 40 or older who had at least one child, 36% had a baby within 12 months of stopping birth control. That means 1 out of 3 got pregnant with a viable baby within about 3 months. 59% got pregnant within 9 months, 68% within 18 months, and 78% within two years.

6.  A 2013 study found that among white women ages 40-43 who had at least one child, 60% got pregnant within 6 months.

7.  Recent studies of embryos in IVF cycles find that only 16% of embryos are normal among women ages 40 to 42, and only 8% among those 43 or older. It is not clear if these statistics apply to women trying to conceive naturally.

8.  Even if they do, they may not be as discouraging as they sound. 16% is 1 out of 6. It sounds like that means it would take 6 months on average to get pregnant, but it doesn’t. If you assume that getting a normal embryo is random, the statistics are the same as rolling a 6 on 6-sided dice. By 4 rolls, more than 50% of people will have rolled a 6.

9.  That means getting pregnant should take about 4 months for those age 40 to 42, IF (big IF) everything else lines up right (for example, having sex at the right time, a partner with a normal sperm count, open tubes, and so on).

(http://www NULL.amazon NULL.com/Impatient-Womans-Guide-Getting-Pregnant/dp/1451620705)10. Especially for women over 40, timing sex is crucial for getting pregnant. For more on that (and lots else!) check out my book The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant (http://www NULL.amazon NULL.com/Impatient-Womans-Guide-Getting-Pregnant/dp/1451620705).

Let’s go roll some 6’s!


Jean M. Twenge is a professor of psychology at San Diego State University. She is the author of over 100 scientific publications and the books Generation Me, The Narcissism Epidemic (with W. Keith Campbell), and The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant. Her three daughters were born when she was 35, 38, and 40.

Links for this blog:

http://www.impatientwoman.com (http://www NULL.impatientwoman NULL.com/)

http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/07/how-long-can-you-wait-to-have-a-baby/309374/ (http://www NULL.theatlantic NULL.com/magazine/archive/2013/07/how-long-can-you-wait-to-have-a-baby/309374/)


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67 Responses to What Are Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Naturally After 40?

  1. Danae says:

    I’m 45 and have five children already, but with a new partner we wanted to try for one together – his first. After two early losses we tried IVF but after two cycles our doctor told us that our chances were only 1% of success and we should try donor eggs. So we gave up IVF and two weeks fell naturally with twins.

    I’m seven weeks and have seen the heartbeats!

    We know it is still early but we are quietly smug having beaten impossible odds. I’ll be 46 when our babies are born.

    • Congratulations Danae! 🙂 I totally understand how you feel. It was only after completely giving up and letting go that we conceived a third time when I was 44. Since launching AChildAfter40, I’ve grown to believe that stress and anxiety can have a really inhibiting impact on fertility. I’ve heard many “letting go” stories, where when people finally relax, the miracle happens. We’ve written a lot of blog content and reducing anxiety over conception but, in the end, it’s a personal matter as to how and when we feel we can achieve that. Enjoy the journey! Sending you happy thoughts.

    • Lesley Coulson says:

      Oh wow! This made me smile SO much!
      I am 43 in March this year and have been off the pill since approximately September last year. Still no sign of me pregnant and I’m becoming more and more upset about never conceiving after some grim reading about pregnancy in your 40’s!! I wish you all the luck with you babies! 🙂

  2. Sheila says:

    I had my first child at 42. I had been on birth control for 17 years when I finally got married and wanted to try for children. The very first month I was off of birth control I got pregnant. I will be trying for my second child in 6 months when my son is 7 months old. My OB said she has patients in their 40s with fertility problems. I firmly believe it is genetics that has more to do with fertility than your age. You can get pregnant after 40!

    • Sheila says:

      Sorry I meant my on has patients in their 30s with fertility problems

    • Couldn’t agree more, Sheila! Congrats on your little boy. 🙂 Had mine at 42 and 45 and I believe genetics does have a lot to do with it. My mother had 6 children and the last in her 40’s, all conceived naturally. I would concur with Jean that there are more women conceiving naturally in their 40’s than is generally believed.

  3. Nevena Divac says:

    My story is exactly as described in this text. It took me 4 months to conceive naturally for the first time in my life when I was 40. Now, at 44, I have a lovely three year old son. My husband and I were together for 8 years before my pregnancy and we always used birth control. I was focused on my career and time just flew by until I realized that it might be already too late for a baby, at least for a spontaneous pregnancy. Well, we were lucky and while we were getting informed on the best IVF clinics in our country, a beautiful baby was conceived naturally.

  4. Laney says:

    One out of four chances sounds about right but I interpret this differently. I don’t make the assumption this is based on odds of getting pregnant but odds of a successful pregnancy. I get pregnant very easily but miscarry spontaneously in the first trimester in almost every pregnancy. I had three consecutive miscarriages and on the fourth pregnancy we conceived my daughter naturally who is now three! I recently had two consecutive miscarriages but am confident we could carry successfully again. Unfortunately that means more miscarriages for me until we get that good egg. Perhaps the fourth try will work again for us. We d both been checked. No underlying cause was found.

    So I take that 1 out of 6 or 1 out of 4 statistic to mean chances at a successful pregnancy not just chances at conceiving.

  5. Laney says:

    Updated comment sorry I typed that last one rather quickly.

    One out of four chances sounds about right but I interpret this differently. I don’t make the assumption this is based on odds of getting pregnant but odds of a successful pregnancy? Like many of my friends who are 40+ I get pregnant very easily but miscarry spontaneously in the first trimester in almost every pregnancy the most recent one was after a heartbeat was detected. Devastating. The good news is that I’ve had three consecutive miscarriages and on the fourth pregnancy we conceived my daughter naturally who is now three! I recently had two consecutive miscarriages but am confident we could carry successfully again. Unfortunately that means more miscarriages for me until we get that good egg. Perhaps the fourth try will work again for us. I have been checked for hormone and every other issue. No underlying cause was found which I find so hard to believe but that’s it I guess. . I will be 40 next month so I agree this is not an age issue but perhaps a genetic one. My first pregnancy was at 34 which ended in blighted ovum miscarriage. My second pregnancy at 34 also blughted ovum at 6 weeks. Third pregnancy at 35 blighted ovum at 6 weeks. Fourth pregnancy at 35 resulted in my daughter 😀 easy gealthy pregnancy and a gorgeous gealthy little girl. My fifth pregnancy at 37 blighted ovum at 7 weeks my 6th pregnancy at 38 had a heartbeat at 7 and 8 weeks. Spotting and cramping at 11 weeks. Passed poc at 12 weeks. If nature follows first pattern there might be a good chance for another baby but after how many more miscarriages. Ugh. It’s a lot to go through and there really isn’t any diagnosis or natural treatment in my case for recurrent spontaneous mc.

    So I take that 1 out of 6 or 1 out of 4 statistic to be absolutely true but for me to mean chances at a successful pregnancy not just chances at conceiving.

    I wonder if difficulty getting pregnant or difficultt carrying to term is more prevelant in women over 40?

    Your story is so encouraging. Thank you for writing it!

    • Think you’ve raised an important point that people do not often consider. I miscarried once on my pregnancy over 40 journey and I’ve certainly heard from many women late 30’s and upward who’ve had miscarriages before success. Perhaps less a fertility issue and more egg quality and ability to carry to term. Think we should have some more blog content addressing this question.

      • Laney says:

        Thank you. That would be just wonderful.

        • Laney says:

          I just wanted to update that I am now in my second trimester with baby number 2! I conceived naturally in February and am due in November. I just turned 40. We are thrilled. It has been a wonderful and easy pregnancy so far… about 14.2 weeks along… happy to be in the second trimester… I’ve been taking prenatal, 100mg B6, 800mcg of folic acid, 1 baby aspirin daily, b12 supplement as well. I also completely weaned my 3.5 year old as soon as we found out we were pregnant. Don’t really think that would be an issue but it was time for toddler to wean and didn’t want to take any chances… some women are more sensitive to prolactin and progesterone suppresion from nursing than others… I might be one of those… Best of luck ladies! It can happen!!

          • Brenda says:

            You should look into taking Folate instead of folic acid. There’s been a lot of research on it lately.

  6. MK says:

    At my fertility clinic, there has not been anyone over 43 who conceived and/or carry to term. I was shocked.

    The only stat they offer with passion ( I may add) is that of IVF! which makes sense since this is their bread and butter.

    I truly believe a good egg is a good egg regardless of age, time, stress, any other factors. A healthy egg with a healthy sperm…is all needed. Everybody has stress and life and it is just about a matter of having a healthy egg at the right time there is a healthy sperm. Everything else is a window dressing. Of course one should maximize her health, her mental state, and her emotions/spirituality but there are a lot of younger women with same problems in fertility…take your time but give yourself a permission it may or may not happen…but it is not you who will stop.

    All the best to you.

    • Yes, MK. Maximize and enhance what you’ve been given genetically. There’s a difference between chronological and biological age. For example, a woman may be 30, but if she has not lived a healthy lifestyle, her biological age may actually be greater. The reverse applies for women over 40–wellness can reduce biological age and enhance fertility. This is not a guarantee for conception–rather, it’s about making the very best out of what you have. Each woman has been given a unique genetic package and its only logical that age and reduction in fertility are connected. But how you live can make an impact.

  7. Katy M says:

    While I was not 40 when I had my first and only child, I was pretty darn close. Thanks for openly discussing the misconceptions (no pun intended) about motherhood at or after 40.

    Is point #1 in this post accurate? That statistics about births after 40 are based on records from the 1700s? I find that highly unlikely. Maybe 1970, but not 1700! Source and fact check, please.

    • Definitely worth checking! I’ll ask Jean to address that question directly. Watch this space!

      • Laurie says:

        Actually that is true. The ‘modern’ fertility stats we are fed, are based on French birth records from 1670 to 1830. The research is from a study by biostatistician David B Dunson. He is now a Professor
        in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University.

  8. Cathy says:

    After 6 children with my ex husband, my new husband and I wanted to have a baby. It had been 8 years since my last and I was 43 years old. I felt very discouraged with the information out there. After over a year of trying we “didn’t think about it” any more. And guess what, I got pregnant. I’ll be 45 in a few weeks and our baby is due in June. A boy! I was told all the scary stuff to be aware of like the possibility he will be born with downs but I opted out of the test since we will have this baby if Gid gives it to us. So that’s our story.

    • Congratulations, Cathy! I remember well how surprised and grateful I was when my pregnancy test came out positive at age 44! 🙂
      I respect your strength in choosing not to have the amniocentesis. I did go through with it. Fortunately my daughter survived the procedure. However, in a do-over I would never have had it done. What difference would it have made? We would go through with her birth regardless and love her all the same! She’s 9 years old today and wonderful. 🙂

  9. Kelly McCarthy says:

    I am 45 and became pregnant last year at age 44. My son now 4 months was born 6 weeks before I turned 45. I was not trying to get pregnant as I had been trying when I was 41, 42, 43 and had a few miscarriages. We decided our family was complete with the 4 we had and seemed clear my eggs were no longer ‘young enough’ 🙂 Found out in March we were pregnant and assumed the same outcome would occur. We did no fertility, no blood work ups to determine my hormone levels. We just trusted if it was meant to be it would. I had an easy pregnancy and went 40+ weeks before having my beautiful healthy baby boy 9lbs 6 ounces. The only I advice I have is be healthy and active but not so active that your skinny. I eat well and exercise and I likely was about 10lbs overweight when I conceived. A little extra fat can contribute to fertility. Of course obesity can hurt you as can too low body fat. I am 5’7 and weighed 155lbs. Normally I am 135-140 but at 155 I was just a little curvier! I have always been very active, very high energy! I think health plays a big part. I just want the women over 40 to know it IS possible.

    • Sudha says:

      Thank you so much for ur caring advise I’m 44 wanted to get pregnant . I have two daughters my last pregnancy was when I was 26… But I’m healthy an active do you think it will work ??

  10. JenB says:

    Hi all. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt stories of natural pregnancies. I’m 42 with only 1 detectable antral follicle and an AMH of .027. I am a month into acupuncture and Chinese herbs while the fertility doctors are recommending to go straight to donor eggs. Anyone have any stories to share with similar numbers?

  11. Rhizomom says:

    Hi, I’ve been around on this page for a while and I really like this article. I am also aware that the statistics do mainly come form IVF centres who generally deal with women having trouble conceiving anyway. Personally, I just turned 44 and I had five miscarriages in the past 5 years. Last October (age 43) we went to a fertility clinic in Berlin that immediately refused treatment without checking my health status. After some discussion they agreed to do an US and check my hormone levels as well as my partner’s sperm. Partner’s sperm was above average excellent and I had an amazing afc, high AMH-level etc. etc.. The doctor said that she had never seen anything like it in a nearly 44 year old woman “menopause is a long way off” she said and agreed to try one IVF with us. We did the mildest stimulation with a standard protocol. The harvest was 12 eggs, but only 4 matured and all of those were chromosomally abnormal. Two monosomy and 2 trisomy – the classic age related problems. We will try once more with a long protocol in April and hope for the best. What I am saying is that hormone levels say nothing about egg quality at all. There are women who have terrible hormone levels low afc, but still get pregnant in their 40ies because they produce that one good egg needed. So all those statistics, medical data and general discourses around pregnancy after 40 are very discouraging, but they don’t quite mirror the reality of individual women’s bodies.

    • Dee says:

      “So all those statistics, medical data and general discourses around pregnancy after 40 are very discouraging, but they don’t quite mirror the reality of individual women’s bodies.”

      Couldn’t agree with this more. It does seem like a woman’s individual makeup has more to do with it, then age, or even one set of numbers.

    • Danae says:

      Hi Rhizomom, I was in your position too – great hormone profile, AFC, AMH etc..we did three cycles of IVF on the typical protocol produced great egg numbers, pretty good embryo numbers but they were mostly poor quality. We were downgraded from ‘great chances’ to ‘almost impossible’ based on my egg quality. Three weeks later I was pregnant naturally at age 45 and 9 months. I’m four months now and going well – we caught the golden egg. I only say this because IVF may not be the way for people like you and I. It can only stimulate growth of eggs that are already available in any given cycle – it can’t grab a heap that wouldn’t already be recruited – so it can’t really increase the odds of getting a euploid egg by ‘getting more’ of them in one go. However, the adjunct therapies you may receive – human growth hormone, coQ10 etc – will likely give the eggs you recruit in (near) future cycles the boost they need to stay develop normally.

      Don’t give up if IVF doesn’t work for you!

  12. margo says:

    It is wonderful to read about the success of over 40 pregnancy!
    I am going to start trying this month…off birth control… is there anything I can do on my own to help out?? I have heard take prenatal vitamins to help your uterine to accept the egg?? I also heard about dhea? but that seems to have other side effects….Any thoughts?

  13. Kym says:

    I’m 43 and my husband to be is 38. We been trying for a baby for a year now. I had 3 children from previous marreige. Im also concern with my menstruation. Cycle only last a day. I think, I’m on the menaupusal age. Will I still get pregnant though?

  14. Bambi Rose says:

    Hi ladies , I am new to this site and 42. Can you please share your diet and other things you think helped you get pregnant?

    Looking forward to every successfull 40+ mom reply

  15. LJ says:

    Hi everyone! Well, I think that we have a lot of ‘odds’ against us. My husband was with someone for 16 yrs and has two wonderful boys from that relationship. However when I met him he had JUST had a vasectomy. I had never wanted children before and had put my career first, however, now….now we BOTH are thinking we want to have one. I have a copper IUD inserted and am having that removed in a few weeks. He is 41 and I am 40. We are now married and have been together 3 years. Does anyone else have any similar circumstances of starting later in life and conceiving after a vasectomy reversal? Thank you!

    • Gia says:

      Skip the vasectomy reversal and spend your money on IVF. Your chances of success will be greater. My husband had a vasectomy after a previous marriage. We wanted to have children together, so we had it reversed. It worked, but sperm count and quality was very low. We couldn’t get pregnant on our own and eventually did IVF anyway. It took three tries, but at age 38 I conceived twins. Given your age, chances of success are less than in someone younger. If you waste time on the vasectomy reversal, healing , and trying naturally, youve lost maybe a year and that is huge after 40. I respect the point that it’s possible to conceive naturally after 40, but you have to be honest with yourself- it’s much harder and will take longer. And if it doesn’t happen, you’ve wasted precious time, and reduced your chances of IVF success.

    • alice says:

      My husband had a vasectomy reversal after we got together. His vasectomy was 2 yr before the reversal. We conceived 2 children naturally. I was in my late 30s and conceived first month trying both times. Good luck to you! I know how stressful this kind of thing can be.

  16. anne says:

    I was married just over a yr ago at 42. We eloped and we’re planning a wedding for family and friends. I went off birth control pills because after fertility testing, my obgyn told me it would be difficult for me to conceive on my own. I ended up pregnant. We panicked due to it being so sion and the fact we weren’t freaky if ancially for a baby. We ended up having an abortion which I immediately regretted. And have tormented over ever sense. We decided to try again, but it as been a little over a year now and I just turned 44 and no baby. I’m inspired to hear your stories, as it gives me hope that I may be able to have a little one of my owN at my age. Any nutrition or additional advise would be helpful.

  17. Seasoned NY Mom says:

    I am 46 and have been trying to conceive for three years now with our third baby. My other two children were naturally conceived at a late age (or advanced maternal age as the OB/Gyn’s say on my records) with my second one be born at age 41, just three months shy of me turning 42!

    I am not going to lie it has been an uphill battle for our third as I figured it would be easy like my first two. But I truly believe it can happen.

    Like I mentioned funny enough our second one was easily conceived at 41 years young, no problems and no issues!! He was 10 lbs. and 22″ long. The only issue I had during my pregnancy was that I carried too much amniotic fluid (which I also had with our first) and it looked like I was carrying twins…

    My son was actually conceived within a matter of three months with my older child taking six months and I was four years younger!! Go figure.

    For our thired we finally did fall pregnant naturally (at 43) but I MC. We decided to take the IVF route due to my “advanced maternal age” and and my compromised egg quality where we took a very aggressive protocol.

    We did fall pregnant with our first go around of IVF (with a genetic testing of our embie) and all was normal and we were so over-the-moon happy! Unfortunately I MC carried again at 10 weeks and it was not because of my age, our baby sadly just stopped growing. It was a lot to take on but so worth it and do not regret the road we took.

    We continue to try as I know I still have one or two good eggs left with regular cycles and normal FSH and AMH levels. All it takes is one good egg! Keep on with the positive attitude.

    And I do believe about “letting it go”. I have a funny feeling after I “let it go” it will happen for us as well.

  18. Joanne Heslop says:

    I had my 3 boys at 38, 40 & 42. I believe in good genes.

  19. Hello again! - Trying to Conceive Forum (http://www NULL.pregnancyforum NULL.co NULL.uk/trying-to-conceive/473895-hello-again NULL.html#post4198590) says:

    […] Today, 21:53 PM   #4   Hey I have just turned 41 and am currently ttc again. I'm on my 4th cycle now and hoping it will happen soon. There is certainly no reason why you shouldn't conceive naturally, though if you believe everything you read on some sites, it makes you feel that after 40 you are doomed !! BUT I came across this very reassuring site today that has made me feel so much more positive https://achildafter40.com/chances-get…ally-after-40/ […]

  20. Tasha says:

    Hi! I’m new to this site after googling pregnant at 40. I have 2 grown children with my ex husband, an 18 month old with my current husband (gave birth to her at 39) and am now 7 weeks pregnant at 41. There are no support groups or really any Moms over 40 in my area (that I’ve seen). So happy to have found this site!

  21. April says:

    Hello I am 41 and my husband is 32 and we have been trying three years to have a baby only to have two unexplained miscarriages. We have done all the tests and tried the IVF thing only to be told we didn’t qualify. My husband has been so supportive during all my highs and lows but we have decided to try ovulation tracking to pin point my exact fertile day and try again. Wish us good luck.

  22. Ruby says:

    I will be turning 41 in 2 days. We had a lot of ups and downs in life and were never ready for a child. I have been quite careful what I eat.Imostly follow vegetarian diet, never smoked and hardly consume alcohol. I have been taking multivitamin with folic acid for the last 8 yrs plus. but my husband smoked for over 20 yrs and is diabetic. will that affect his sperm count? i dont want to delay anymore but want to be sure that if i have only 1 chance of having a baby it better be a healthy baby. I will really appreciate if there are more suggestions for following a good diet plan.

  23. Evelyn says:

    I am 40 and my husband is 48. We got pregnant within days of trying to conceive. My pregnancy was the healthiest, easiest pregnancy of anyone I know, comfortable emotionally, physically, and mentally. Baby is in excellent health. I ignored the negative stress talk. I know many women in their early to mid-30’s having lots of trouble conceiving. I think those statistics are totally wrong, and unfortunately, LISTENING to those statistics stresses women, and as we all know, STRESS makes conceiving much harder! I read that statistic too, that I only had a 5% chance each month to conceive & that I had such high odds of miscarriage. Well, I was scared for a few hours but then I decided to look to the positive & I found a site that debunked that nonsense, and I decided that any time a doubt or fear flitted into my mind to just recite in my head, “My body was designed by nature to conceive and it knows exactly what to do!” and you know what? It did! In my pregnancy, each time someone told me, or I read about, some problem that could occur, or the discomforts of hormones and pregnancies, I recited a different mantra “My body was designed to handle pregnancy well, and it knows exactly what to do!” and it did. For me at least, it’s all in the mind set.

  24. Samantha says:

    Hi everyone, I’m 39 years old, I’ve had 3 healthy babies, which are all grown up now, I recently became a grandmother , my husband and I don’t share any children together and for 7 years he’s wanted a child, however my tubes are tied, we have a doctor that can do the reversal surgery, but I am worried that it might take awhile to get pregnant because of my age, although it surely did not take any time with my other children to get pregnant, I was very fertile , not only do I worry it might take awhile to conceive now I also feel weird about having a baby after 20 years and now have a grandbaby , but I want to share this experience with my husband, so is there anyone on here ever experienced having a baby and being a grandma ? Or had a tubal reversal?

  25. Tired of the Sadness after mf arrives says:

    It is so great to read stories of women over 40 who have had success. In relation to letting go it is so difficult. I had my first child a healthy boy at 39 after about 6 months of trying. I am now 43 and we have been “trying” since he was 6 months old. My hormone levels are fine. My husband is 6 years younger but has some issues that hinder us due to stress. However all came together at least three times this year and nada (although I think I might have been pregnant in Feb; was a week late and before I tested (I was afraid of a no) I had a car accident and the next morning my “cycle” came.

    It is depressing. You can try to convince yourself you aren’t invested and are in the if it happens it happens phase. For me my mind says that but my heart does not agree and I feel absolutely crushed every single time my “cycle” shows up. We are not preventing ourselves from falling pregnant. We are not actively trying with medical intervention as my husband refused to go that route.

    Here is to more hoping and if god, the universe and the world will bless me eventually a healthy child #2.

  26. Denise says:

    I had no idea there were sites like this out there. My husband and I have been waiting for months to see a urologist to have his vasectomy reversed. We are both 40, have a 10 year old and 4 year old boys. The 4 year old was WAY more ‘spirited’ than we expected so had the vasectomy done as we were ‘SURE’ we were done. Fast forward to 6 months ago and he has grown into such a funloving child. Now we both feel like we want just one more! I have constant fears and a number of concerns though so was very happy to stumble upon this blog! I have truly enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Azeezah says:

    I am 45 and I’ve been trying to conceive but no luck. Please kindly link me with a good and a cheaper IVF clinic , the ones have seen so far are quite expensive for me . Thanks.

  28. Tracey says:

    I’m 45 and haven’t had a cycle and was as regular as always since June 24th. I was 15 when I had my first cycle. 5 Weeks ago I spotted once just like when I was expecting my other 3. I’ve took a few tests all but one negative. No signs of having a cycle. I’ve read about cryptic pregnancy. I was 3 months with my youngest before I finally got a positive. I was under severe stress in July. My tummy looks 3-4 months. Even urine test at Er showed neg. I had a tubal in 2002. Just wondering others thoughts.

  29. Jenna says:

    I am 44 now and with a new husband who has never had children of his own (he is also 44) and would like to try for us to have one. I was in my 30’s and literally conceived both of my boys (20 months apart) the exact night we planned to conceive for both of them after only being off the pill for 2 weeks. Call me “fertile mertile”! I was very lucky. My mother was pregnant 6 times and didn’t go into menopause until her 60’s (which I heard helps chances in there daughters wanting to have births at a later age), her mother had 16 children, and my dad’s grandmother had many children and unbelievably naturally still got pregnant 3 times in her 80’s! I know…total shocker. So my point here, is with as fertile as I was before, and coming from a long line of highly fertile women on both sides of my parents, and being healthy myself, does this increase my odds of pregnancy on my own at 44? Thank you!

  30. R K says:

    Hello ladies, I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may help some of you. I got pregnant on the first try at 36 with my first, miscarried and conceived again almost exactly a year later, at 37. My son is a beautiful, healthy 5 year old and was born when I was 38. We decided to start trying for a second when I was 40 and a half. Tried for a year with no luck. Decided to see a fertility doctor. All the tests came up normal. I did a clomid challenge test. However, the prospect of IVF depressed me and I didn’t want to do it. I conceived the very next cycle after the clomid challenge test and miscarried again. Got pregnant again before my period had a chance to come back from miscarriage (a month later!). My beautiful daughter was born shortly after I turned 42. She a happy, healthy 17 months old. I would love a third, but I am still nursing my daughter (during the day and at night), so sadly, it is unlikely that I will get pregnant again…

  31. Pia Maria says:

    My story us very similar to others on this site. I met husband late in life. We started trying for a baby when I was 39. I fell pregnant within a few months of trying but had a MC at 11 weeks. I fell pregnant again after some months and had another MC. When I discovered i was pregnant for the third time, I didn’t really believe in it but third charm was a charm. I had my first daughter at the age of 40. When she was 4 months, I found out i was pregnant again. My second daughter was born a year after my first at the age of 41. My little one is now 10 months and we are dreaming of a third child… We have been trying for 3 months now with one early MC. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not I am blessed with the two beautiful girls I have. I have never been this happy.
    Conceiving a helmet pregnancy after 40 is define tell not easy, but it is not impossible. Believe in it!!

  32. Pia Maria says:

    My story us very similar to others on this site. I met husband late in life. We started trying for a baby when I was 39. I fell pregnant within a few months of trying but had a MC at 11 weeks. I fell pregnant again after some months and had another MC. When I discovered i was pregnant for the third time, I didn’t really believe in it but third charm was a charm. I had my first daughter at the age of 40. When she was 4 months, I found out i was pregnant again. My second daughter was born a year after my first at the age of 41. My little one is now 10 months and we are dreaming of a third child… We have been trying for 3 months now with one early MC. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not I am blessed with the two beautiful girls I have. I have never been this happy.
    Conceiving a healthy regnancy after 40 is define tell not easy, but it is not impossible. Believe in it!!

  33. Lydia says:

    I am 41 and have been trying to conceive since i was 38 but no luck.I only discovered i was pregnant in the last 2 months but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 5 weeks.still want to try again

  34. Fede says:

    Hello everybody. I’m 41. I’m trying to have my first baby from summer 2014. This year, after 9 months, I finally got pregnant but I lost the baby. Now I’m trying again. sometimes I’m scared, but I hope to conceive naturally pretty soon. It’s my biggest dream

  35. alice says:

    I’m 44 and trying to get pregnant. I first went to see a fertility specialist 6 months ago who right away advice to get an egg donor!!!
    But it’s his job to push and sell IVF. So we’ve started trying naturally last week, right during ovulation…
    This forum gives me a lot of hope and confirm my intuition. I feel I can get pregnant naturally.
    Hopefully it will work out!

  36. Terri Jean (http://n/a) says:

    Hello Ladies i am so glad i found all of you here! Please remember it can really happen to a women over age forty! I am 45 and a half as of December 2015. I spent my life chasing Real Estate and money. I took good care of my self in my teens, twenties, thirties. I became pregnant many times over the years and had 8 abortions total by the time i was 36! Fast forward to February 14, 2013, when I found out i was pregnant naturally again at 43.
    The father did not want any part of the Child, so while i was stressed to the hilt, going through the pregnancy all alone, caring for my dieing Mother and sick brother full time, I went along with the pregnancy, working part time as well. 40 weeks later i was giving birth to my first child at age 44…. Natural vaginal birth… She is sooo perfect! I am still breast feeding her, she just turned 13 months old this Christmas 2015… As she lay here sleeping next to me as we speak, i realize there is nothing more WONDERFUL than to have a child in your forties!! They bring laughter and youth, innocence and Love, pureness and Joy every moment!!! I know if all you ladies put your heart and mind in to having another Baby, YOU WILL…. You can do it!! (PS) They said because of my old breast implants and the location of them i would never be able to breast feed! I proved them wrong, she has nursed every day since she was born 13 months ago. She has never been sick, had a fever nor had a cold. It is not always about age! Sincerely Terri Jean

  37. farmermum (http://achildafter40) says:

    I married in my mid thirties and went on to have 3 sons born when I was 37, 39 and 44. The boys were all conceived naturally and are now in their late teens and twenties. My youngest was a wonderful surprise as I was in an accident at 40, lost the child I was carrying and no-one expected me to conceive again. He is now at university.

  38. Sudha says:

    Hi thank you for all your advice. I turn 44 this year… I was 27 when my last delivery was… Now planning for a baby . Will this help me … I’m a healthy and active person.

  39. Gloria says:

    I am so glad I found your website. I had my only child when I was a teenager. And I met the love of my life 3 years ago. I just turned forty in December. I got married last year and my husband has a 4 yr old. We have been trying for our own baby for the last year. We had one miscarriage this fall. We were referred to the fertility clinic this September. I’ve been on clomid for the last 3 cycles, and now doing 2nd ovidrel shot. No success yet. But my egg quality is always great! Always above 16 1/2 and usually I produce two eggs on clomid and they average around 19 – 20. My husband has motility and morphology issues but we have him on all the vitamin supplements required and also fertilaid. We hear often from the clinic, that they suggest us to do IVF due to my age but I was wondering why is my age a factor, if I still ovulate, still produce healthy mature eggs, I get my menses every 30 days on the dot, without fail, and I do not have blocked tubes or any health issues. I am pretty darn healthy! We are going to try IUI but no IVF. I would hate to spend all the money and then stare at an empty bank account if it is a fail. Id rather adopt before doing IVF. But its a long process and very hard. I looked into it when the doctor suggested IVF as I thought all hope was gone when they said that. But hey, their in the business of money and that is their bread and butter. I am wondering if that is true though. If I produce healthy mature eggs, and never had any issues with my ovaries, eggs, follicles, or ovulating, then why cant I get pregnant in my forties?

  40. Pwes says:

    I had my first at 35. Didn’t try again until almost 39, and I had several early miscarriages. At 40, I had to terminate at 15 weeks – fatal anomalies. Heartbreak. At 41, I had an ectopic. I went on to have my second at 42. I used progesterone suppositories. No idea if they had any bearing, but I’m so grateful for my beautiful son. My OB encouraged me to keep trying. I almost gave up!

  41. Thobile says:

    Hi Ladies, I’m 43 and also trying for ma last born. Just got married and we need at least 1 child in our marriage. Have been trying for a year please help with tips or vitamins that I can use.

  42. Rosemarie (http://Google) says:

    I am worried I just got married am 45 going to be 46 and my husband wanted a baby I went to the doctor he send me to do the hysterio saltingogram short name for it is HSG result came back to my doctor he said my egg is 1% chance so he said if he use my husband sperm and put it with my embryo I may not have a chance because my egg is 1% and the cost for that is $10,000 so the best one that is a 100% chance is an egg donor which will cost me $30,000 we don’t have that kind of money please help me what can I do I really want to have a baby for my husband, I have two children they are big people the youngest is 23 year old help me.

  43. rena says:

    Hello – I’m curious did anyone’s Dr tell them to get vaccine shots before trying to get pregnant? My OB/GYN told me to get measles and varicella shots before trying so there’s no birth defects to the baby. I’m 43 years old and had all my shots when I was younger.


  44. Grace Wambu (http://childafter40) says:

    thanks ladies healthfull stories with us ,I am at the age of 42 I never had child struggle to get pregnant and tried ivf failed never worked ,need your help what can i buy boost my blood,eggs,hormones

  45. Nadine says:

    I had four beautiful children, I never imagined for one moment that I would have another, my husband had a vasectomy and I was a proud content mother, however things change…

    After 20yrs of marriage I went through a seperation/divorce which lasted a long 4.5yrs inbetween time I had found a new partner we where both 43 at the time and he had no children of his own, after a year he asked if we could try, he wanted so badly to have one of his own.

    It was one of the toughest times of my life, financially and emotionally. I felt like as mad as it seemed at the time it was worth a shot, however I never really expected it to happen.

    Three months on I felt nausious, I recognised the symtoms immediatly, I turned to my partner and told him I think we are having a baby, he was in disbelief, he truelly thought I had a stomach bug.

    We went to our GP with a urine sample, and she also made me do another….sure enough it came back positive. We where estatic! my partner even tried getting into the wrong car on the way out he was stupified beyond belief!

    But how to tell my older children then 15, 17. 19 and 22! It slipped one day over a debate on wether I should be having cough medicine or not while pregnant ha ha ha.

    I had a completely normal pregnancy, I worked until I was 1 week overdue (I was about 25kg overweight!) I had a normal delivery, and a very healthy baby boy weighing 9lb 4oz at the age of 44. He is a little miracle, he turns 5 in a weeks time, he is clever, cheeky and happy, and the only grandchild to my partners parents who are now 77 and 81yrs old.

  46. Megan says:

    I have six beautiful daughters and my partner has two wonderful sons. He is 46 and I’m 45. We would love a baby together. We’ve not used any contraception for over five years now and nothing. We were both checked out two years ago and there is no reason why we can’t conceive. We live healthy. Eat healthy, exercise and rarely drink. I’ve never had a problem getting pregnant before. It’s heartbreaking.

  47. Caroline says:

    I just turned 39 on 10th of March. I have been trying for the last 1.5 years. I had a miscarriage at week 6 sometime in June, 2015. But my biggest challenge is the man. I can only have sex when he wants and at times it is once in a month and twice if most. I am worried and want to leave and look for someone serious and try with. My biggest challenge is that he also talks of babies but sex once or twice in a month occasionally surely? He only communicates once in a while and this stresses me up on if he can take care of his responsibility when asked why he does not communicate frequently he says it is his weakness. It is because of this habit of coming on strong once in a while and pulling away for he better part of the year that I got stressed up when I realized I was pg. Might have led to this miscarriage. Kindly someone to help. I have never been in a sexual relationship before I met him. I was a virgin till 37.

  48. Sandra says:

    I really enjoyed reading all your posts… Just want to add another positive story of conceiving after 40 …I met my partner late age 39 I got pregnant at age 40 on first cycle of trying unfortunately ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks then got pregnant 9 months later and this was a great pregnancy no complications took pre natal vitamins before monitored ovulation and did a few sessions of acupuncture and delivered a beautiful baby girl age 41 and am trying again now I’m 42 for no 2 hopefully it will happen but if not I’m blessed with one child

  49. Monica says:

    Hi, I am 41 years old and i has a 12 week scan yesterday only to find out my baby had stopped growing and died. They could not see anything except the sack. I am obviously devastated, I had a previous scan at 7 weeks and everything was good then even a heart beat was found. It was at that point that I felt relief and started to worry less and really enjoy my pregnancy. I read so many stories online about miscarriages and I have to admit I was previous to my 7 Werk scan very afraid and worried. Yesterday’s results came to a shock to me and my partner. I started questioning my ability to conceive a healthy baby, I thought I was generally healthy, I am an accountant but also a part time fitness instructor, always eat healthy, reduced my number of evening fitness classes to only 2 a week because I worried but never smoked or had alcohol etc. I am still carrying a dead 12 weeks fetus right now and I feel I cannot cope with this much longer. I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so hopefully a procedure will be schedule for me. I am now fearing to trying again, my partner is so sad and hasn’t said we can try again, he is only 36 and I am terrified I am going to be able to give him a child. I heard so many histories of women going through the same but never thought it could happen to me. I really feel my loss as I had no bad symptoms , nor bleeding. I am thinking maybe I should have stopped all exercises or not be so stressed and worried from the start. What can I do to help healing and maybe prepare better for conception?

  50. Lisa says:

    I know this is about pregnancy after 40, but I want to share with you that my great grandmother got pregnant at 50, naturally of course given it was in the 1940’s. She was actually pregnant at the same time as her daughter, my grandmother. So even though this might have been a rare case, it gives woman hope that you have a chance to get pregnant in your 40’s if she did it at 50 naturally. I myself am not looking to get pregnant at 45 already have three great kids, but I do wish all of you wonderful ladies luck on your journey to pregnancy.

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