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Wagner-PaleoMama-guest-blogger-@-AChildAfter40.com_.jpg">ma-guest-blogger-@-AChildAfter40.com_-250x165.jpg" alt="" width="409" height="269" />By Darja Wagner, Ph.D., Molecular Biology, paleo-mama.com.

For women over 40 who don’t have much time to waste, scientists are making groundbreaking advances in IVF technology.

Innovative research performed at TCART (Toronto Center for Advanced Reproductive Technology) and its subsequent results were reported at the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting, in March 2015.

In brief, a multi-center clinical trial (http://www NULL.ovascience NULL.com/files/SRI_Poster_Casper_March_2015_FINAL NULL.pdf) that brought together stem cell biologists from the USA, patients from Turkey, and teams of Canadian reproductive specialists led by Drs. Robert F.Casper and Yaakov Bentov, demonstrated for the first time that the injection of a patient’s own mitochondria (these are energy producers present in dozens or even hundreds in every cell) into the egg would improve embryonic development in fertility treatments and result in better pregnancy rates.

The important thing here is that the energy levels of eggs change as a woman ages, leading to lower CoQ10 (http://www NULL.ctvnews NULL.ca/supplement-touted-as-way-to-extend-fertility-1 NULL.744549) and ATP levels and reduces the likelihood of conception and correct embryonic development.

To counteract this, scientists transferred young fresh mitochondria from the egg-precursors (which are normally present in the ovarial lining) into the maturing egg itself, energizing the egg and making it more likely to produce healthy embryos and babies. It worked!

Several women with histories of failed IVF and poor egg quality got pregnant. Pregnancy rates of close to 50% were achieved in preliminary attempts, which is very impressive given the typical 30% IVF success rate and the fact that these patients had challenging infertility histories.

The process of egg rejuvenation (egg-Botox, so to speak!) is a new procedure and certainly warrants further research. The preliminary data are very hopeful and the method could easily become a real breakthrough in fertility treatments for women over 40 and women with compromised egg quality.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Darja Wagner, Ph.D. is a scientist specializing in vitamins and hormones. She is the author of the blogs Get Pregnant After 35 (http://www NULL.paleo-mama NULL.com) and Improve Egg Quality (http://www NULL.eggqualityimprove NULL.com), where she addresses fertility and getting pregnant for women of advanced reproductive age. She lives in Berlin with her husband and two sons, both of whom were born after the age of 35.


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6 Responses to Breakthrough Egg Rejuvenation Research Offers Hope To IVF Patients Over 40

  1. Annette says:

    Is this new procedure will be available soon? so far my experience in QC, disappointed. This news are bringing me hope again.

  2. Seasoned NY Mom says:

    I am 46 and have been trying to conceive for three years now with a third baby. My other two children were naturally conceived at a late age with my second one be born at age 41, just three months shy of 42.

    It has been an uphill battle for our third as I figured it would be easy like my first two. My son was actually conceived within a matter of three months and my older child took six months and I was younger!! Go figure. We finally did fall pregnant naturally (at 43) but I MC. We decided to take the IVF route due to my “advanced maternal age” and and my compromised egg quality where we took an aggressive protocol.

    We did fall pregnant with our first go around of IVF (with a genetic testing of our embie) all was normal and were so over-the-moon happy! Unfortunately I MC carried again at 10 weeks. It was a lot to take on but so worth it and do not regret the road we took.

    We continue to try as I know I still have one or two good eggs left with normal cycles and a normal FSH and AMH levels. All it takes is one good egg!

    Any time you gain positive results from studies such as this one it brings hope to so many woman. I hope such studies like this continue and gain momentum. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Tammie says:

    When will this procedure be available in clinics in the US? I currently live in Atlanta.

    • Rhizomom says:

      The procedure is available in the Czech Republic at Fertimed in Olomouc. However, I only gained that info on the web an cannot vouch for the quality of the clinic.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Our reproductive endocrinologist told us that research is showing that by taking 400 mg of CoQ10, the age of the eggs can be reversed. I suspect this is part of the treatment to which they refer.

  5. vanessa dreher says:

    I,m over 50 and want a baby

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