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In October 2012, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) announced their landmark decision to lift the “experimental” label from the technology used to freeze unfertilized human eggs.
What will be the long-term impact on women’s reproductive behavior? Watch this 1-minute video and vote on the 3 questions below.

Will the availability of the technology for freezing women’s unfertilized eggs lead to:



Thanks for participating! Feel free to add a comment below. Don’t forget to check in and view the voting results!

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15 Responses to More Babies After Age 50? Watch This and Vote!

  1. Lylas says:

    Later motherhood is ‘unnatural’. I loved that line. Perhaps we should make sure that anything that is ‘unnatural’ is not allowed to occur. I vote for banning Viagra.

    • cara dewitt (http://achildafter40) says:

      yes , shut those dummies up . i look and feel 20 years younger than my biological age and that is the way i live my life , and you know where you can shove your negative opinions. my mother lived into late 90’s . barring sickness and injury , no one knows how much time you have on this earth .

  2. Shari says:

    After hearing the results of our latest presidential election, it looks like almost everything controversial is up for grabs. Same Sex Marriage, Legalizing drugs, etc. Why would this be any different? While I may not be in agreement with the first two, I’m 100% in agreement with this poll.

  3. Shari says:

    Clarification….in agreement that women should be able to do whatever they want with their fertility. Many of us don’t choose to be older mother’s but are VERY grateful that we are and that we have the opportunity.

  4. I think you’ll find that this topic just gets hotter. In pro-life, they argue that women are not permitted to terminate pregnancies. What will be the name for the movement that demands women are not allowed to GET pregnant at a later age? Why was there never a call for a cap on the age at which men should become fathers?
    Who is entitled to take the moral high ground, if anyone?

    • Nilda says:

      I think it’s a type of prejudice to say that a woman can’t choose to have a child at a later age,when a man being of age 50 or older can have a child with a woman 20 or more years younger and is not scoffed at or ridiculed over it. Some older women have their reason why they want a child new relationships and true love comes when you least expect it so it shouldn’t be an issue I say go for it you only live once.

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  7. becky says:

    I had my last child at 42. I wouldn’t change that for the world. on the other hand that’s not 50. I am not as fast as i use to be,or as nimble . The physical task of raising a child should be taken into consideration. it is amazing what ten years will do. how much you slow down. that is not all together a reason not to have a child. You may have grandma syndrome and be too indulgent. there are a lot of things other than money and time to consider.but i think most 50 yr. olds would consider them. baby sit for a friends grand child for a week…see how relieved you are to give them back no matter how much you love them. Sleep precious sleep.

  8. verna says:

    I too was made to feel that I was crazy for having a child at 44. concieved naturally. how dare anyone judge or make rude comments on any womans choice to have a baby at any age, advanced or not! I feel nothing but joy and happinessw when I look at my child. I feel no regret what so ever at having him at a later age.

    • Christine says:

      I agree with you! I concieved naturally, too. I was 46 and I would have another in a minute!

      • Nela says:

        Motherhood is never mistake with people like you and Verna 🙂 Wish both of you all the best…and hope I will finally have my first baby, although I’m in 40s, too

      • Kim says:

        I also had a little one at the age of 42 and she is the most beautiful little girl anyone could ask for. I also conceived naturally and it was the best pregnancy I had out of my three children who are now… 28, 23 and 4. I just turned 47 two week s ago and I am waiting to hear if I am pregnant. I must admit I am a little nervous.. If i am pregnant again it would be another natural conception. I too never regret having another baby in my 40’s! We are truly blessed.

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