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How many women over 40 dream of becoming mothers?

We’ve yet to discover a method for counting wishes, but what we can do is remind you that miracles can, and do, happen.

What are you grateful for? This Thanksgiving, consider the law of attraction: how you can manifest your deepest wish by being grateful for what you already have.

Make Your Thanksgiving Wish!

At the end of this blog, post a comment on what you’re most grateful for, and then make your Thanksgiving Wish at the Wishing Bowl (http://wishbowl NULL.org/about/about-wish-bowl NULL.html)!

What Are They Grateful For?

Owners of some of the top over-40 mom websites share the secrets of their Thanksgiving gratitude for having babies after 40 with AChildAfter40.com readers:

Jan Andersen, Mothers Over 40 (http://www NULL.mothersover40 NULL.com)

Carsten, aged 25, Lauren, aged 13, Jan, aged 53 and Anneliese, aged 26. (Not pictured: Jan’s eldest son Kristian, who passed away in 2002, aged 20)

“As an older mother, I am grateful for being far more in tune with my daughter’s needs than I was with my other three children as a younger mother. I have more time, wisdom and patience and am in a much better position to educate my daughter.

Having grown up in an era where children were taught to value the simple pleasures in life and weren’t exposed to the diverse technology of today, I feet better able to instill these same appreciative values into my daughter.” http://www.mothersover40.com (http://www NULL.mothersover40 NULL.com/)


Cindy Bailey, Aged 47, with Julien 6 and Lily 15 months old

Fertile Kitchen® (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com)

“I am utterly grateful for the amazing, profound experience of being an older mom. I am grateful for the two beautiful children we fought so hard to have; they bring us rewards way beyond measure. And I’m grateful I get to share this journey with a kind, compassionate and all around gorgeous human being: my husband.” www.fertilekitchen.com (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com/)


Caren Chesler, Mom at 46

The Dancing Egg: IVF Stories for the Older Crowd (http://www NULL.thedancingegg NULL.wordpress NULL.com)

“I’m thankful I finally realized how much I wanted a child. And I’m grateful to modern science for helping me have one. (And I wound up with a pretty good one at that!)” www.thedancingegg.wordpress.com (http://www NULL.thedancingegg NULL.wordpress NULL.com/)


Jennifer Hull, Age 55, daughters are 12 and 14 years old.

MidAge Mom  (http://jenniferhull NULL.com/MidAgeMom/)

“I’m 55—an age when people often start experiencing some challenges and losses. This year has been a bumpy one.

So I’m especially grateful for the balance that being in that hurley-burley, raising-a-family stage of life brings. The sound of my kids laughter, my husband telling us dumb jokes at the dinner table, our 7.5 pound dog burrowing under the bedcovers—these are my greatest blessings.

As a midlife mom, you realize that the small things in life are the big things.” http://jenniferhull.com/MidAgeMom/ (http://jenniferhull NULL.com/MidAgeMom/)




age 58, with sons Jason 38, Michael 35, Joshua 24 years old

Pregnancy Stories By Age (http://www NULL.PregnancyStoriesByAge NULL.com), Pregnancy Over 44 (http://www NULL.PregnancyOver44 NULL.com), Baby After 40 (http://www NULL.BabyAfter40 NULL.com)

“I am thankful for every one of my precious children who have touched my life—those that share my life and those that shared only my soul.  For it is those who touch you on this journey of life tha teach you the most important lessons, and help to make you who you are today.” http://www.PregnancyStoriesByAge.com (http://www NULL.PregnancyStoriesByAge NULL.com/), (http://www NULL.PregnancyOver44 NULL.com/)http://www.PregnancyOver44.com (http://www NULL.PregnancyOver44 NULL.com/), http://www.BabyAfter40.com (http://www NULL.BabyAfter40 NULL.com/)


Carolyn Schweitzer, Age 53, son Adam 6 years old.

Mommy In The Middle (http://www NULL.mommyinthemiddle NULL.com)

“Adam is my little gift from God, unexpected and full of wonderful surprises. For me, “after 40″ was the best possible place for motherhood to begin. I’m mature, settled, and have TIME to spend with him, and for that I am ever so grateful!” http://www.mommyinthemiddle.com (http://www NULL.mommyinthemiddle NULL.com).



Angel LaLiberte, Age 51,

with son Leo 10, and daughter Isabella, 7 years old.

A Child After 40

“Having given birth after 40, I am grateful for the bond of unconditional love I feel for my children. There is no other connection like it. On top of the peak of my greatest highs, in the depths of my deepest lows, or amidst the unremarkable moments of an average day, it remains constant. I’m also grateful for the simple humor they bring to my life—it keeps me young.”  http://www.achildafter40.c0m

What are you grateful for?

Tell us in the comments section below. Then, make your Thanksgiving wish at the WishBowl.org (http://wishbowl NULL.org/about/about-wish-bowl NULL.html).

“By being grateful or thankful for the things you desire in advance, is a great power at becoming magnetic to your desires. You can change your life by giving thanks for what you have or wishing to have and watch your life transform to your heart’s desire.”  Praveen Nahata, Founder of WishBowl.org (http://wishbowl NULL.org/about/about-wish-bowl NULL.html).

Notes for this blog:

Trying to conceive or pregnant after 40? Or, did you give birth after 40 and are coping with the challenges of being an older mom? Join our online AChildAfter40.com community forums: https://achildafter40.com/community/index.php?action=regcenter;sa=register.

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10 Responses to Six Top Over-40 Mom Bloggers Share Their Secret Gratitude

  1. Catherine (http://www NULL.pregnancystoriesbyage NULL.com) says:

    What a wonderful post Angel – you did a great job with it! I too believe in the laws of attraction – it has brought miracles into my life – the biggest one my youngest son!

  2. ExpiredEggs? (http://www NULL.expiredeggs NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    The only thing I can say is, I am grateful for today.

    There’s no other way to put it. The ups and downs. The love that flows out of me borne of blood, sweat, and tears. The smile on my son’s face. Every day, even when it’s stressful or mundane, is amazing.

  3. Sharyl says:

    I am grateful for my beautiful baby girl, who will turn 1 year old on Saturday. I am 47, this is my only baby, and even though she was unplanned, and completely unexpected……….she has changed my life immensely and makes me realize what really IS important. It’s all about her 🙂


  4. Caroline Carson says:

    This is very appropriate that it came through on my daughters 6th birthday; I am 48. I also have a 3 year old son. I didn’t get together with their dad until I was 38 so I am grateful every day that we were able to conceive naturally and have 2 beautiful children. I know how lucky we are and I appreciate the joy they bring to our lives every day.

    I don’t know anything but being an older mum, the only thing I think is harder than being younger is that I know I can’t have any more now!

  5. Shell (http://Swanofdreamers NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    I am grateful for many things, especially my husband and my son who is 13 months. I am proud over 40 mom. I’m 43 and got pregnant at 42.
    I’m so happy that I didn’t miss my chance to be a mom.

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    I am grateful for my beautiful healthy happy daughter, born two and a half years ago when I was two weeks shy of 45. I am also grateful for having survived a catastrophic illness, HELLP Syndrome, that hit me at her birth, requiring an emergency C-Section, craniotomy, tracheotomy, and a lot of other medical care (totaling more than $2 million) paid for by my dual union provided medical benefits. I am grateful for my UNION, the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild for negotiating such wonderful medical insurance and I just wish that more workers could benefit from such membership.

    I am also grateful for my wonderful husband who refused to let any of the medical professionals give up on me, even when they told him that he should accept the fact that i was going to die. He did not accept their dire predictions, insisting that “something” could and must be done to save me.. He also held the company in charge of my cognitive and physical rehab (CNS( to high standards, making sure that I got the best possible care AND when insurance would not pay for the care we needed in order for me to move home (from residential rehab) he brought me home anyway and paid for the care we needed himself (a nanny for our daughter while I did outpatient rehab at the clinic and a driver to take me to and from the clinic since I had not yet been cleared to drive.) Once home (and much happier) my improvement sped up noticeably.

    Though I have some criticisms of the company that managed my rehab I am also grateful for the care they gave and wish I could thank each and every therapist: the speech, occupational, cognitive and physical therapists who all pushed me to push myself and helped me return to full functioning.

    I am grateful to them all.

  7. Magic and Mayhem (http://magicandmayhem NULL.homeschooljournal NULL.net/) says:

    I’m grateful that after a decade of miscarriages (12), I ended up with five children, including my surprise little girl who came at age 42.

  8. Thank you all for these wonderful comments of gratitude! It made me realize that, as older moms, we have so much more to be grateful for!
    Catherine, thanks for the appreciation. I really do also believe in the laws of attraction. I think its worth adding here that, as well as gratitude, TRUST is a very important element of manifesting our intentions positively. That was the lesson I learned when I finally got pregnant a second time at 44 and gave birth to my daughter at nearly 45. While I understand that much is up to biology and/or reproductive science, I think we need to trust in the strength of our intentions.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful supporters at http://www.AChildAfter40.com (http://www NULL.AChildAfter40 NULL.com)!

  9. Sara says:

    I am 40,yrs old, my fiance is 25. I’m in US, he’s in India. We are miles apart. In June, 2013 we will meet, marry, and start to try a family.
    I am American caucasian, he is Indian. I often imagine our children and what they will look like.
    Any and all posts here give me hope and determination that “Children After 40” is not only possible, but completely probable.
    This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for my mother, my 2 boys (ages 18 and 21), and the opportunity to meet my soul-mate online on some weird website.

  10. Mari says:

    I love reading all these wonderful stories about motherhood after 40 years. Myself was very lucky, conceiving on the first attempt at age 40. Now I am 44 and running around with my 3,5 year old son wichi is the joy of my life. Not to seem ungrateful, I would love to give my son a sibling. The only thing is that my partner refuses to have another child. Having a child was a stressful experience and he is afraid going back there as everything is great now. But this is extremely hard for me, just wathing the months and eventually my last chance just pass by with noe chance of going back. This was just a little passing from my heart. Still, I am soooo grateful for my little son and I know now why I’am living!

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