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Russel Davis, The Fertile Mind

By Russell Davis, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Founder of The Fertile Mind, fertility mind-body program in the UK.

Your mind and body are one system.  Find out how your mind may be affecting your fertility and what you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant over 40.



1. Let go of expectations

Expectations can have a tremendous effect on your outlook on life.  If you think something (expect it), your brain looks for the evidence to back up that belief, ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

What are your expectations about getting pregnant after 40?

Society tells you it is “going to be difficult”.  How do you know that?  In our western culture there is an expectation fertility drops dramatically after the ‘magic’ age of 40.  In other cultures where there is no such expectation and they have much higher fertility rates in women over 40.

What expectations, thoughts or beliefs about getting pregnant can let go of today?


2. Embrace Acceptance

When women are striving towards a goal, such as getting pregnant after 40, they often resent where they are today, because they are not where they want to be.

However, when you don’t accept where you are today, it tethers you to that place.  You are not free to move forward to get where you want to be.

Say: “I accept myself as I am today”. Then listen.  Listen to what thoughts or feelings you have within.  It may highlight some limiting thoughts or beliefs that may be holding you back.


 3. Utilize The Mind-Body System

There are numerous studies that demonstrate how the mind affects the body, including fertility.

In one study (http://www NULL.thefertilemind NULL.net/how-your-thoughts-affect-your-body/)* a group of men in their 70’s and 80’s were put in an environment from 30 years ago for two weeks.  They went in with their sticks and walking frames and came out and played touch rugby.

I regularly have clients who have significant physical changes to their fertility, such as ovulating each month when previously they didn’t.

Visualize your body doing what it needs to do in whichever way your imagine that.  Spend two minutes three times a day doing this visualisation.

Consider working with visualization therapies or a hypnotherapist who specializes in fertility. Have fun exploring your fertile mind!


Notes for this blog:

Russell Davis is a UK-based mind-body fertility specialist, author and speaker. Russell and his wife had a 10-year journey of double infertility before going on to conceive naturally.  Russell is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Founder of The Fertile Mind (http://www NULL.thefertilemind NULL.net) fertility mind-body program and the National Council of Hypnotherapy’s Fertility Specialist Advisor.

* Ref.: C. Alexander, E. Langer, Higher stages of human development: perspectives of adult growth, New York: Oxford University Press, (1990)

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One Response to 3 Ways Your Mind Can Increase Fertility After 40

  1. Amanda (http://www NULL.satoricentre NULL.ca) says:

    Hi Russell,
    I’m a mind/body wellness faciliator and use meditation and visualization to help many different clients find balance and happiness but much of my time is spent with women and fertility issues. It can be an exhausting and sometimes disappointing journey. Your points here are so spot on! I used meditation and visualization to become pregnant at 42 when Western medicine told me it was unlikely.

    Thanks for sharing your philosophies and experience to encourage women to stay positive and embrace their fertility journey no matter their age.

    Grace and Gratitude,

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