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The Sprinkles

The Sprinkles

When mom-blogger Kathy Sprinkle (nee Funke) put an ad on Craig’s List back in 2006 while still in her early 40s, seeking a man who would “woo and wow” her “forever”, she was hardly expecting to hit pay dirt.

After all, it was just supposed to be a “conversation starter”.

Prior to that, Kathy Sprinkle had lived a many splendored, ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants’ sort of life—first in sales, then in working for Landmark Education—which often meant moving house before things “got too comfortable” wherever she happened to land.

But the man who reached out to her through Craig’s List was about to introduce a different kind of ‘move’ into her life.

“Until I met my husband, I never thought I would be a mother”, says Kathy, now living in San Jose, CA at 47.

“I’m so glad he changed my mind!”

Given her age, the couple decided to try and get pregnant immediately, even before the wedding.

“We were happily shocked when we got pregnant on our first try—we subsequently moved the wedding up”, recalls Kathy.

Although the Sprinkles were married in 2006 when Kathy was 43 and pregnant, she was so ingrained with living a lengthy single life that she’d still introduce herself by her maiden name.

“I would share something about myself and say ‘Kathy Funke’ faster than ‘Sprinkle’ could even register as a thought”, she says.

Nonetheless, Kathy Sprinkle enjoyed a healthy pregnancy—despite being “labeled ‘advanced maternal age’ and declining amniocentesis—until 3 weeks prior to her due date.

When her daughter’s heart rate dropped dangerously low, it was decided to induce labor to “get her out”.

Sprinkle reports having a “shockingly quick birth” when she delivered only four hours later, without the aid of pain medication. The cause of her baby’s heart distress was never discovered.

Now, as mother to a 3-year-old at 47, Sprinkle feels that—despite most of her “mommy friends being 15 years younger”—the experience has been “great so far”.

“Most people thing I look younger then my age so people don’t realize immediately how old I am.”

Sprinkle has also been pragmatic about the gulf of years between her and other younger mothers with children her daughter’s age.

“Sometimes I feel a little generation gap when we talk about things like favorite toys when we were kids, music and TV—but because our kids are friends a lot of the differences fade away.”

These days, Kathy has a new miracle in mind—to ignite a second twinkle in hubby Sprinkle’s eye.

The couple has been trying for a little brother or sister for their daughter, although it’s been challenging so far.

“We got extremely lucky conceiving the first time, but so far we have not had the same luck with number two”, admits Kathy Sprinkle, who is not yet prepared to give up.

“Last year I thought I wouldn’t want to try anymore once I reached 47. Now I think I’m willing to try until I’m 48.”

Although she accepts that her daughter may have to “settle for cousins” instead, Sprinkle has no regrets.

“I think having a child this late will keep me young. I want to be alive to see all of her milestones so I will do what I can to live a healthy, long lived life.”

However Kathy Sprinkle’s story unfolds, it is yet another piece of evidence in the empirical maternal puzzle that, one day, will comprise the emblem of hope for all single women over 40 that the life-changing nirvana of motherhood and family life is still possible.

In her blog, she eulogizes:

“My route to being Kathy Sprinkle was being a part of the Sprinkle Family.”

“We have a family song. We take long drives. We dance to bad YouTube recordings. We visit the Mouse in Disneyland. We are a happy family and I am a very happy Kathy Sprinkle.”

Notes for this blog:

Kathy Sprinkle has two blogs:

Everyday Bliss  http://blisspot.blogspot.com (http://blisspot NULL.blogspot NULL.com/)

Everyday Mommy  http://everydaymommyspot.blogspot.com (http://everydaymommyspot NULL.blogspot NULL.com/)

2 Responses to Sprinkles Make Motherhood After 40 Just As Sweet

  1. Mrs4444 (http://www NULL.halfpastkissintime NULL.com) says:

    Although she may have arrived late to the motherhood game, it’s clear Kathy hit a homerun! :)

  2. Mo says:

    Kathy is a great gal, I am happy for her marriage, motherhood and life. I dated Kathy 5 years back and will always remember our time together fondly. T now living in Singapore.

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