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Dr. Don Saposnek

Welcome to the next Forum of the Summer Series at our new A Child After 40 online community: Parenting With Wisdom—Older Parents Parenting Newer Children.

JOIN US from 9th–11th August and “Ask Dr. Don Saposnek”, a clinical-child psychologist, child custody mediator, family therapist, parent and family educator, and school consultant. He has been in private practice for 40 years, working with the full range of parenting and child and adolescent-related problems.

Older mothers parenting young children is hardly a new phenomenon to Dr. Sapsonek and his lengthy track record as an educator, mediator and consultant in clinical-child psychology offers our members a unique opportunity to learn from his wisdom.

“Having been working professionally with families for more than 40 years”, he says, “I have seen every imaginable form of family life.”

“Over recent years, there has been an increased acceptance of a wide variety of family forms for raising children.”

“Some of these”, he continues, “are possible because of modern technological methods, allowing women over 40 to have children naturally and by methods such as in-vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donations and surrogate parenting.”

Dr. Saposnek also draws attention to a growing social acceptance for adoptions by older parents, both gay and straight, who may be single and or married.

His enthusiasm and recognition of our growing community—women having children after 40—is a welcome sign of the times.

Regarding our upcoming Members’ Forum, beginning 9th—11th August, 2011, he says: “I welcome any and all questions, concerns, and problems that Members want to present.”

“I shall do my best to offer perspectives and advice that are based upon my four decades of experience in helping parents and families and my understanding of the research literature, whenever it may apply to Members’questions.”

Dr. Saposnek is the editor of the international Association for Conflict Resolution’s Family Mediation News and has published extensively in the professional literature on child custody and child psychology, and he serves on the editorial boards of the Family Court Review and Conflict Resolution Quarterly journals.

He is a national and international trainer of mediation and teacher of child development and, for the past 34 years has been teaching on the psychology faculty at the University of California at Santa Cruz, as well as teaching parenting workshops to local schools for over 37 years.

CLICK HERE (http://archive NULL.constantcontact NULL.com/fs087/1105784870845/archive/1106952768867 NULL.html) for Dr. Saposnek’s Full Bio or go to Member’s LOGIN (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVbuG-0SSAvgFoaa6rg-qv5_NzLE1shTvA=) and “Ask Dr. Saposnek” about how you can enhance your wisdom in later life parenting. Login (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/community/) to find out more!

Want to register as a Member of our A Child After 40 online community? Registration Info (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97vNJcOJOuXQsS6W295GOak4TL1oVq720AO3uXrTTiVpNl6wzg8Kmi_CVaDC_l6AsLQ=).Go direct to Registration Form.

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3 Responses to Expert Forum #7: Older Parents Parenting Newer Children

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m looking forward to asking Dr. Saposnek some questions. Thanks for hosting this Q&A with him.

  2. InSeason Mom Cynthia (http://www NULL.inseasonmom NULL.org) says:

    Angel, thank you for bringing such an informative summer forum of experts. I was so impressed with Dr. Saposnek’s detailed “helpful” response to my question. Thanks again!

  3. Michelle says:

    Dr. Saposnek’s forum was excellent! Having three children, I had a few questions for him. He answered each one with thoughtfulness. I found him to be informative and encouraing. I’m so glad I attended.

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