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(http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/mothers-day/flower-power-mom-6/)Happy Mother’s Day!
I wrote this for all women who have walked the path to motherhood after 40. It comes with each A Mother’s Wish gift pendant.


I journeyed on my life path and gathered the wisdom I needed to arrive at a place of readiness to be a mother, regardless of my age.

As I walked, I often reached for the glittering stars of achievement, or the promise of love, hoping they would bring me closer to my true destination.

At last, the day came when I discovered the secret of my desire to be a mother: the “right time” for a child can only be born in our hearts.

Readiness can be as powerful and as overwhelming as a tsunami of longing leveling us to the ground—a profound every day need that the world cannot understand.

I release all fear and doubt, nurturing the sacred flame of faith in my heart. I trust my child has also chosen, and journeys with me on his or her own path and time.

Miracles happen. I open all my heart to all of life’s possibilities and embrace the seed of my child’s love—from wish to reality.

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