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Monica Morris

Welcome to the next Forum of the Summer Series at our new A Child After 40 online community: Giving Your Children The Best of Later Motherhood.

JOIN US from 26-28th July and meet Monica Morris, author, Last Chance Children: Growing Up With Older Parents. We have 5 FREE copies of her book to give away on the Forum! (See link below.)

Although Last Chance Children (http://www NULL.monicabmorris NULL.com/doc/books NULL.htm)was first published more than 20 years ago, Morris demonstrated remarkable foresight for mothering trends to come when she interviewed 22 grown-up children of older parents on their childhood experiences. (Click here (http://www NULL.monicabmorris NULL.com/doc/books NULL.htm)for book info.)

With feedback from “out of the mouths of babes”, she explored key subjects, including how they had perceived the “double generation gap” or the level of time and affection their parents had given them.

While interviews yielded both perceived benefits, as well as criticisms, of parents who chose have children later, Morris’ forum offers a unique opportunity to question the author directly on her findings.

According to Morris, she split her sample into two distinct groups.

“They included those who had never given much thought to their parents ages and had been happy as children”, she says, “and those who had been much aware that their parents were older and who expressed some resentments”.

Considering that her book was written when 35 was considered “old”, it’s no surprise that Morris used this as her minimum age requirement for the parents at the birth of their children. She goes on to reassure readers that there was no bias on her part when conducting interviews.

“I had no axe to grind, nor did I have much idea of what I might find”, says Morris.

“The research question became: What makes, or made, the difference (between the groups)?”

At the very least, this Forum will provide an opportunity to look ahead and see where we might avoid potential pitfalls or disappointments in our children’s perception of their childhood with parents from the age of wisdom.

At best, it will be a chance to reaffirm our parenting strengths and build on them.

Morris has been writing for many years and her work has appeared in publications such as Family Circle, The Los Angeles Times, L.A Parent Magazine, The American Sociologist, Society, Journalism Quarterly, and numerous other professional journals.

CLICK HERE (http://archive NULL.constantcontact NULL.com/fs087/1105784870845/archive/1106732943010 NULL.html) for Monica Morris’ Full Bio or go to Member’s LOGIN (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVbuG-0SSAvgFoaa6rg-qv5_NzLE1shTvA=) and “Ask Monica” about how you can enhance the benefits and minimize potential pitfalls of later motherhood. Login (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/community/) to find out more!

Want to register as a Member of our A Child After 40 online community? Registration Info (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97vNJcOJOuXQsS6W295GOak4TL1oVq720AO3uXrTTiVpNl6wzg8Kmi_CVaDC_l6AsLQ=). Go direct to Registration Form.

This a free online Member’s-only Forum from our Summer Series of Guest Experts and Authors at ACA40, the online community for FlowerPowerMom.com (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVMR8Q4ohCykQ==). CLICK HERE for the full Schedule. VIEW our News Archives. (http://archive NULL.constantcontact NULL.com/fs087/1105784870845/archive/1106030908966 NULL.html)

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3 Responses to Expert Forum #6: Giving Children The Best of Later Motherhood

  1. MomAgain@40 (http://momagain40 NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    I think it depends on the parents! If they stay involved and active in their children’s lives, they won’t have a problem…

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