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Marna Gatlin, Founder, PVED

Welcome to our Summer Series of Guest Expert & Author Forums at our online community–A Child After 40. JOIN US this week for a Q&A session hosted by Marna Gatlin, Founder of Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED): Egg Donation…At Your Age?

From  Tuesday 14th–Thurs 16th June, you can “Ask Marna” about any topic related to choosing egg donation after the age of 40.  Whether your over 40 and considering egg donation, or are already on the journey, this is a great opportunity to get some answers!

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Read our FlowerPowerMom.com (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVMR8Q4ohCykQ==) blog on Marna: Is 45 Too Old For Donor Eggs? (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVbuG-0SSAvgEHNUPofay2KUK6zPYGo1_iy4juDkIw_W5luyw2-SzX7)
After many years of struggling with infertility, the PVED founder, Marna Gatlin, discovered that the technology to have a child through egg donation was available. She was curious, excited, and above all, hopeful that this process might be the conduit to finally achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a parent.

As she began her quest to learn about egg donation, she was frustrated by the lack of information available about this particular assisted reproduction technology. What she wanted was education and support, but she was unable to find it. She did find a small e-mail listserv called Mothers Via Egg Donation, or MVED. That group became her lifeline through the process of conceiving her son, and over time she became its primary moderator.

From its beginnings in 2004 to present, MVED has thousands of members who share emotional support, as well as clinic, donor agency, medication, mental health, and other information about egg donation on a daily basis. Over time, MVED members were approached by traditional parents, single mothers, and single fathers, as well as gay and lesbian couples who wanted to know where they fit into the arena of people who choose egg donation. Many of these individuals didn’t feel they had the means to receive support, get educated, become empowered, or have a voice. Often they felt isolated.

Taking into account these desires-as well as the fact that MVED, while an important resource, was limited by being a list-serve – Marna Gatlin decided to create an organization that would embrace every parent who had chosen egg donation to grow their family. Her vision: a global resource for unbiased, timely, and accurate information about egg donation, eliminating the need to search far and wide for piecemeal information and answers.

PVED was born.

*Parents Via Egg Donation is not affiliated with any IVF clinic, embryo donation agency, independent egg broker or law practice. PVED is a non-profit independent organization.

Presented by: A Child After 40 (ACA40) at www.flowerpowermom.com (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.net/tn NULL.jsp?llr=66fu59fab&et=1106047590679&s=0&e=001jogZsd-FH3_H-6eI_5SPvsX-1Y2Tkge4LS3ZOSwBdJnmSGQ1iPVl4aqq9SFYDdrI8xpu7zJZ97tE9NZGjvWbKw7I6P4ceoFu2lmTuUfswwVMR8Q4ohCykQ==).

5 Responses to Expert Forum #1: Egg Donation…At Your Age?

  1. maria says:

    I’m 47 and we’re just now starting the process. I’ve done 5 triathlons in the last 5 years and most people look at me and think I’m 35. I have no doubt I can do this and keep up, and am excited at the idea of having a child with the man I love more than anything in the world. I will hold my head high throughout all of it!

  2. Michelle says:

    If anyone missed Marna’s ‘appearance’ then you missed out on quite an education Q&A. But her responses are on the forum in the archives, so check them out there.

  3. Kristin (http://goteamwitt NULL.blogspot NULL.com) says:

    Hello! I know you don’t know me, but we’ve got something in common. I got your blog address off the Stirrup Queen’s blogroll and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me help a couple who is trying to add a little one to their family. We’re holding a silent auction for them this weekend (Friday and Saturday) on goteamwitt.blogspot.com and need help getting the word out! We would love it if you would spread the word via social media or here on your blog. Additionally, we are always looking for more donations to auction off, so if you or someone you know might be interested in making a donation, all the information is under the donate tab. If you have any questions or would be willing to post a pre-written blog post about the auction and the sponsored couple, please contact Kristin at ‌goteamwitt@‍gmail.com (gote‌amwitt null@null ‍gmail NULL.com) Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider this!

  4. Dorothy says:

    My husband and I were not blessed with children and I so want to be a mother. Is there any hope for a woman in her early 50s to become a mother through embryo donation? Would anyone donate embryos for to a person my age or is that unrealistic?

  5. Angel (http://www NULL.flowerpowermom NULL.com) says:

    From what I’ve learned from various sources it may be possible, depending on a number of factors., including your personal health and circumstances. IVF clinics have an age limit on treatment also, but you’ll need to look into this. We have some members who have given birth through assisted reproductive technologies after 50. I have met and interviewed others also.
    There are many women of all ages, from all walks of life, in our community who are hoping to conceive—via natural fertility, egg donation, etc. You are welcome to join at: http://www.flowerpowermom.com/community (http://www NULL.flowerpowermom NULL.com/community) for mutual support. Claudia Spahr, who just wrote a book on conception and pregnancy later in life, is on the Guest Expert Forum and you can ask her direct questions about later life motherhood. Today is her last day. We will be dealing with egg donation again on the Expert Forum throughout the summer.
    I also suggest you get in touch with Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED) at http://www.parentsviaeggdonation.org (http://www NULL.parentsviaeggdonation NULL.org) and their Founder, Marna Gatlin, who has many members who are TTC in later life. She’s very supportive and well informed.
    I wish you good luck on your journey! Hope to see you on A Child After 40 online!

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