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Children of AChildAfter40.comNEWS FLASH!

Since 2009, we’ve been listening to your requests for more info on fertility and motherhood after 40. At AChildAfter40, we are renovating our website to bring you content more customized to your needs! Watch this space!

In the meantime, AChildAfter40 will continue to provide: live online Forums, opportunities to Guest Blog, new local Social Groups, and Advertising space. See below for relevant links!

Please email the editor if you have any questions–thanks for being patient.


5 Ways You Can Benefit From AChildAfter40.com:


1. Join Online Forums for Women Trying To Conceive & New Moms Over 40

FORUMS—live online forums for women TTC or mothers over 40. These are free and you can register anytime. Please help keep our boards clean; report SPAM instantly! To join, click here.


2. Join or Launch a Local Group

SOCIAL GROUPS—for women TTC, or new moms over 40, in Canada and the United States. To check out existing groups, click here (and scroll down). To start your own, contact us to find out how. Please note: AChildAfter40 is powered by volunteer efforts. We ask for a one-time $25.00 donation towards the cost of our webmaster designing and posting your listing, and the time we take in editing content, and promoting your group via mailers and blogs online. You will also receive a free “starter pack” to help you get started.

* Your listing will stay up as long as you want. Anyone who wishes to edit or remove their group listing can do so now. Please contact us. Allow 14 days for editing/removal.


3. Write a Guest Blog

GUEST BLOGS—Submit an expert or reader guest blog (max 500-600 wds), pitch a topic, or request to become one of our guest bloggers. We welcome personal success stories of conception and birth over 40 (naturally or assisted), expert content on natural fertility, ART, life coaching & counseling, fertility fitness & health, parenting over 40.

To pitch: Email the editor.

Guest blog guidelines:  “How to write a guest blog for AChildAfter40.com”.

Guest blog or sponsored blog?

We do not accept guest blog content promoting specific products or services. Guest bloggers are usually writers establishing their portfolios, experts, readers who wish to share their personal stories, or mommy bloggers. However, we do accept sponsored blog content, and are happy to discuss–please contact us.


4. Check Out Our Large Selection of Expert Features

Just use the “search” box at the upper right corner of the blog with key words. We have hundreds of researched articles.  Top subjects are natural & assisted fertility over 40, childbirth, midlife health, menopause, and parenting young kids after 40. One of the most popular pages is “Pros & Cons of Motherhood After 40“. For brief expert videos, go to our “Meet The Experts” page. Or, check out the “Over 40 Mom Squad“!

Two of my early personal favorites is “Don’t Call Me Grandma!” & “Don’t Call Me Grandma! Part II“.


5. Buy Some Ad Space, or Promo Content

ADVERTISING & PROMOS—Although the site is being upgraded, we are currently accepting advertising and promotions. You can place PR & Product Reviews, Sponsored Blog Content, or Banner Ads.

For rates, click here. AChildAfter40 is a respected brand, with an active web presence for 7 years, serving a niche audience. If you can offer value to our readers, please talk to us.


Angel LaLiberte is the Founder of AChildAfter40.com, launched in 2009. She gave birth to her two children at 41 and 44, after conceiving naturally. For more on Angel, read her personal story, or professional bio.




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