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It was American Idol judge Randy Jackson who said “The world cannot live by pop stars alone.”

That’s because every now and then, they need someone original.

They need someone like a 20-year-old oddball bearded geek, packing a double bass and singing scat (http://www NULL.thefreedictionary NULL.com/scat) to a gobsmacked TV audience.

Introducing Casey Abrams, the son of “proud older parents.”

They are the root cause of the kid’s fast-growing brand-name charm of weirdness—the reason you can’t quite tear your eyes away, even if you’re not sure why.

New York Times columnist, Jon Caramanica (http://artsbeat NULL.blogs NULL.nytimes NULL.com/2011/03/17/american-idol-the-top-12-2/), itemized “everything about Casey Abrams’ parents…Pam Pierce and Ira Abrams” as one of the top 3 moments with a contestant’s parents on the show.

A few weeks ago, I tuned in to American Idol (http://www NULL.americanidol NULL.com/)—a 3-ring pop circus I admit to rarely, if ever, selecting as my show du jour—in time to see Abrams voted off by a hardcore mainstream American public.

And it was no surprise.  Casey Abrams looks like the sort of dorky misfit normally sneered at by the high school prom queen, while getting sand kicked in his face by the captain of the football team.

Idol viewers—used to being feted on the fatted calves of golden young sex pistols—were hardly going to put up with the seedy Will Ferrell of Bourbon Street (http://frenchquarter NULL.com/nightlife/) for long.

But voted off and condemned to sing his swan song, Abrams—and hardcore Idol fans—were in for a shock when the judges used their only “save” (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=zTAK4a5K3dw&NR=1) of the season to pull the kid from the jaws of MTV death.

Abrams seemed to teeter on the verge of either fainting or internal combustion as the judges told him: “We know who you are!”

Yes, we know who he is too.

He’s the kid who describes himself as “exfoliating in music” and a “funky kind of a guy.”

He’s the kid who calls Freddie Mercury his idol with the “voice of an angel.”  (Yes, the Freddie Mercury whom I listened to in the cloistered darkness of my 1970’s bedroom, long before Abrams had deigned to twinkle in Ira’s eye.)

He’s the kid who showed his gratitude by embracing the judges and then walking into the audience to fall into the arms of his aged parents.

“I love you so much,” his mother said, holding him tightly.

I thought of the critics of midlife mothers who rub their crystal balls and prognosticate that our children will be motherless in their youth as we die in the winter of our lives before their bloom is yet full.

Instead I see the Abrams’ joy at the coming of age of their original child—gifted, steeped in the music of an older generation, and on the cusp of greatness.

And I see all of this rising from the fount of their wisdom, dignity and love.

Casey Abrams’—and the children of older and wiser parents—time has come.

Notes for this blog:

Angel La Liberte is the founder of the website Flower Power Mom—The Truth About Motherhood After 40 (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/) (www.flowerpowermom.com (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/)), a regular blog featuring news, commentary, real mom stories and expert advice about motherhood after 40. She gave birth to her children at 41 and 44 after conceiving naturally.


It’s a mother of an evolution–launching at www.flowerpowermom.com/a-child-after-40 (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/a-child-after-40).

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4 Responses to Idol Of An Older Generation

  1. Cindy (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com) says:

    Lovely. And so well-written. Thanks.

  2. sharona says:

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Maureen Jones says:

    Love the tribute article to older parents. I was 52 when my daughter was born and now at 67 and her 14, we are going strong. She also enjoys being a student at Idyllwild Arts where Casey Abrams hailed.

  4. Nina says:

    IT is great to read this. At times I think about how my child will feel when society starts their usual response to how we will look next to our young teen child or children. Due to the great level of preparedness as older parents I know all of our children will be geniouses.

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