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Having a Child After 40

The Truth About Motherhood After 40

Our mission is to empower all women on the journey of motherhood after 40—from natural conception, IVF, egg/sperm donation, birth, surrogacy, or adoption—to parenting, menopause and aging.

Here’s Our Story

It’s a MOTHER of an evolution…

In 2010, the CDC reported that the only age group in the United States to show a RISE in birth rate were women over 40.

For the last decade, we’ve seen similar dramatic increases in developed nations around the world.


But why would ANY woman want a child after 40?

She’s got much to lose, like a successful career, financial and personal independence.

She’s facing rapidly declining fertility, labels like “advanced maternal age”, and other age-related stereotyping.

Then, there’s menopause while parenting young children, and a shrinking support network of family and peers.


Yet, the army of women becoming mothers after 40 grows. Why?

Is it due to soaring advancements in reproductive medicine since the 1960′s?

Or, to rising life expectancy in women to 80+ years?


Probably. But these are just the facts. Simply speaking…

Women over 40 tend to feel more confident and secure about becoming mothers.

Having used their 20’s and 30’s for personal growth and self discovery, they are ready to devote themselves to children.

Many have struggled to become mothers and their gratitude is deeply felt.


Yet, they are a silent maternal army. Why?

Many midlife women–mothers over 40 and those who wish to be–feel socially isolated within a maternal youth culture.

Speaking up about their true feelings and experiences regarding motherhood means risking public censure due to their age.


So, what’s LOVE got to do with it?


The modern family is on the brink of real transformation at the source.


A new hybrid is emerging–one that fuses a mother’s devoted heart with a grandmother’s ageless wisdom.

Now, that’s as good as it gets.


Isn’t it time for the truth about motherhood after 40?

ACHILDAFTER40.COM has a mission to empower all women on the journey of motherhood after 40, from fertility and birth, to parenting and aging.

For media inquiries (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/press-room/), please contact: Angel La Liberte Email: angel [at] achildafter40.com. Tel: 831 246 3879.


Get Involved with A CHILD AFTER 40

Watch and share the video (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=xhC5NyEmJ9k) as mothers over 40 reveal the truth about midlife motherhood—what to expect, from age-related social discrimination to discovering their secret strengths.

Join the new online community (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/a-child-after-40-online/) for women who have become mothers after 40 and those who wish to be. Connect for mutual support with other women and mothers over 40 on issues from fertility, birth and adoption to parenting, menopause or home business. Want to become a moderator? Email us at: editor [at] achlidafter40.com.

Check out the online resources (http://www NULL.achildafter40 NULL.com/resources/) for A Child After 40 — blogs, websites, books and articles of interest to women and moms over 40.

Here’s Our Story


21 Responses to Having A Child After 40

  1. Dina Bensen says:

    After adopting two wonderful babies in my thirties, I gave birth when I was 39 years old. He is now 33 and honestly, I don’t feel any differently about him or my other two. As the years go by, my age has never been an issue. Oh, children will say ‘oh, mom, your generation just wouldn’t understand!” But I said that to my then 25 year old mother!! Don’t let it matter so much. It’s about keeping healthy and current, at any age.

  2. Cindy (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com) says:

    Beautiful video. Love the message. Motherhood is gorgeous at any any age.

  3. Katherine (http://www NULL.sunrisekinesiology NULL.com) says:

    Great website… finally some positive inspiration! I’ve just turned 40 and we’re just embarking on the journey of trying to conceive. Wish us luck!!

    • Deborah Lynn (http://www NULL.over35newmoms NULL.com) says:

      Katherine – baby blessings to you! I just wrote a 3 part series on Preparing to Conceive over 40. You may find some helpful info there! http://www.over35newmoms.com/Preparing-to-Conceive.html (http://www NULL.over35newmoms NULL.com/Preparing-to-Conceive NULL.html)

  4. Jennifer Bingham Hull (http://www NULL.midagemom NULL.com) says:

    Lovely video!

    I had my first daughter at 40 and second at 42 so I like the idea that I might have both a mother’s heart and grandmother’s wisdom! (Though there are days when I seem to have a mother’s job and a grandmother’s energy. . . )

    There are challenges to late parenting, no doubt. But my sense is that most women have far more to gain than to lose by having children after 40.

    And there are advantages to their children too. Older moms are often more financially secure and more stable in their relationships than are younger moms. All this allows them to be involved in their kids’ lives.

    And as for menopause – gee – is there really any hormonal honeymoon period in women’s lives? If so, I haven’t experienced it.

    So here’s to a child after 40! Enjoy!

  5. chantel Bacon (http://www NULL.adamandevemidwifery NULL.piczo NULL.com) says:

    My wonderful husband and I have 8 beautiful children. Our oldest is 24 and our youngest is 4. I started having babies when I turned 21 and have been blessed with many more since.
    I remember when I turned 30 and got pregnant with baby #5. I felt weird. I know what they say about older moms having babies but I felt young and very ambitions. After baby #6 came, we lost a baby to a terrible miscarriage. Then we hit a slump of a barren 6 years of no babies at all! I was mortified to think that this was the end ???
    Then when I turned 38 I got pregnant again finally.. What a difference that made in my body. It was a bit harder, and the labor and delivery felt different too. I had to work harder and had to rethink alot of the birth process. Being a midwife of 25 years, one has lots of thoughts bouncing around in their head during birth :) All went well and out came #7.
    two and a half years later and at 41 I gave birth to a beautiful baby. 41?? really ? It was a good pregnancy, and the delivery was odd. LOL i say that as a midwife mom. I ended up having a c-section because she just wouldn’t come down. Trust me, a mom of 7 other home birthed kids last thought was not to end up on a table some place having their 8th child surgically removed. But we were definitely blessed with 8 kids that are awesome!! Would we want more ? Absolutely . however, if the good Lord sees to it that we are finished, we are happy with that. If He seems to think we need a few more …. Here we are !! Arms open wide!!
    (All of our babies we at least 9 pounds and the biggest were 10.8 and 10.9 pounds! 5 girls and 3 boys.)
    Home birth is so awesome!!! I love being a midwife and helping others give birth,and get the birth that they desire. It is healing to a mother who has had a birth that they felt robbed of their God given rights to birth naturally. Birth happens, the rest is just details that we add or take away from the process.

    Do I recommend birth over 40 ? Absolutely! Do I recommend a birth after a section? You bet! Birth deserves a chance !

  6. GODLUVSUS says:


    • GeorgeAnn Treece says:

      I birthed what we thought would be our last biological child at age 26 with the help of fertility treatments.
      After adopting 4 children and in the process of adopting 4 more at the age of 42 found out I was pregnant.
      It had been almost 18 years since I had delivered my last child and was told I would have no more without further treatments!!
      Our precious Marlee was born a year ago and 17 days after her birth the Lord called my Mama home.
      My Mama had birthed me at age 38 and I feel Marlee was my gift from God.
      We now have 12 children!! I will be 44 next month and would welcome another baby if the good Lord choose to give us the gift!!!

  7. Eva says:

    Its great that motherhood over 40 is being celebrated. I am going to be 47 and I have a son from my previous marriage who is 21 and in college. I got married a year ago to a wonderful man who is younger to me.Even though he has never said he wants a family, I would like to give him one. Because he so deserves to be a father. All my tests are normal. Day3 FSH, AMH and Estradiol levels are pretty normal. I am having regular periods and in good physical shape but trying to have a baby is proving very difficult and stressful. I dont quite know what to do. We tried IVF and I produced 2 healthy eggs who went on to become beautiful embryos but I still did not become pregnant. Exasperated and depressed.

  8. lolita says:

    I want to have kids but I am 38, I get scared…is it too old for me? Should I try or just forget it.Please advice!

    • Momma trina says:

      As soon to be 49 yr old mommy to a very active 3 1/2 yr old little boy, my answer to you is No, you absolutely should pursue having a baby if that is what is in yiur heart to do. If you are healthy, still having normal periods and want a baby I see no reason why you shouldn’t proceed with absolute confidence! I had my first baby in 1989, and she is now the mother to my adorable 1 yr old grandson and is expecting again! After having her, I developed problems with my thyroid which caused me to basically be barren for the next 20 yrs! In 2004 i finally got the proper medical help, got my thyroid and my hormones back in line and found myself pregnant at 43 in2006. Sadly, I did lose that baby to miscarriage. Then almost exactly a year later we deliberately became pregnant again. I had a wonderful, problem free pregnancy, and gave birth to my precious son at home on his due date, October 5th, 2007. It was an awesome journey and I feel so blessed and favored by God that He has given me the opportunity to raise my little man! don’t let anyone tell you that you are to old to have a baby! When the Dr. told me I was of “Advanced maternal age” I said, “obviously not! I’m pregnant!” I will be thinking of you and I pray that soon you will have a precious bundle of your own to love!

  9. Alicia says:

    I am living proof that it can happen. I have a tweenty year old daughter, a ten year old son, and had my newborn daughter on the tenth. All ten years apart lol…I am forty.
    I was married 16 years to a jerk, now am with a younger wonderful man. This baby is his first.
    I still cant beliee it happened for me, a true wish and blessing come true. I pinch myself daily lol!
    I have pains in my left hip still left from pregnancy and I did have gestational diabetes but my daughter didnt need sugar water for oxygen at birth.
    Shes perfect….
    So ladies, stay positive and never give up! It can happen!

  10. mevertin says:

    We have 5 kids ages 4-14. 3 bio kids and 2 kids through adoption. My husband and I were 44 when we adopted our now 6 year old and 46 when we adopted our 3 1/2 year old.I have always been an “old mom” I was “advanced maternal age” with all my pregnancies. I had my first 3 at age 36, 37, and 39. All pregnancies were healthy and easy and I worked up to my due date with each. I had 3 fat, healthy babies. I miscarried at 42 after getting pregnant on the pill. A year later we began the adoption process and now have 2 wonderful little boys to add to the mix. Our kids are very busy with sports and other activities, so we are always on the go. I challenge any “young” parent to keep up with my schedule.

  11. Nina says:

    Let us celebrate our “mature” motherhood together. While this is not an easy journey it certainly is a worthwhile one. We will succeed.

    A mothers love and desire to have a child comes from the heart not the Ovaries…..

    Nina C, D.

  12. Louise Bungay says:

    I am 44 and cannot conceive (pardon the pun) that I didn’t have a baby, but with a very stressful job as a teacher and not having much opportunity to meet that perfect guy, I’ve now got another problem: I have come down with depression and all sorts of anxiety surrounding the loss of my dream – a dream of having a baby of my own. I don’t know what to do because I am being told that there is a chance there would be abnormalities (although amnio is covered for me). Has anyone ever been incapacitated over the grief of this that they cann’t function?

    • Stephanie says:

      I came here for the same reason. I feel really scared to have come to this age and to have not had children.

  13. Pam says:

    I am 45 and in the LONG process of adoption. I have been hoping to adopt a 3-6 year old and will be a single mom. I would love to talk to others who are doing it alone, and who have adopted.

    • Anna says:

      Pam, I adopted an amazing little one 3 years ago as a single parent. She makes my heart sing. I have to say, there is an adjustment period where you learn about each other and learn to love each other, and it’s very normal, so don’t let it throw you. But I wouldn’t want my world any other way. It’s hard to explain the wonder and joy she brings to my life. Have fun on your journey and take a million pictures.

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi Ladies (Louise, Stephanie, and Pam),

    I too am depressed over infertility. I am married to a wonderful man but he didn’t want to try for a second child. We have 1 son who is the love of our lives and he deserves to have a sibling. I too am depressed that now that my husband has agreed to a second, I am 45 and too old. I am waiting for a doctor to give the green light for 1 round of IVF that I would like to try but there are no guarantees. If I had my life together when I was younger, I would already have kids by now. I was mentally and emotionally not ready to be a mother when I was in my 20s and even in my early 30s. I regret waiting this long. Feel free to email me: a‌mandakim_usa@‍hotmail.com (ama‌ndakim_usa null@null ‍hotmail NULL.com)

  15. Lily says:

    I am 42 and the mother of 4 kids. Ranging from 22 all the way down to 4. I am so happy I had my last little precious girl, but I must say I am finding it harder to connect with other moms of young kids. Most are much younger than me, and don’t seem to want to connect. My daughter doesn’t really have play dates, but does do a lot of different activities to keep her around other kids her age. It was much easier to connect with moms when I was a mom of young kids in my twenties, and even thirties. I guess I am sort of feeling badly about this right now….although I don’t think my four year old is unhappy, she is a pretty happy kid. Does anyone else notice this?

  16. Krajanig@gmail.com says:

    Nice to see so many positive comments. I also want to try.