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Cindy Bailey, The Fertile Kitchen Cookbook

When I was trying to conceive after 40, the holidays were always a mixed blessing. I could load up on fun and fattening forbidden foods, but I also had to watch other moms dress up their babies in white and red, while I wondered how much damage I was doing to my fertility.

The New Year hangover was about being older, and having over-indulged my aging ovaries with the wrong foods.

This year, I’m delighted to say that Cindy Bailey—co-author of The Fertile Kitchen Cookbook (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com/aboutus NULL.html), who also conceived naturally after 40—is here with 5 festive fertility food suggestions.

Bon appetite!

Guacamole – great party dish!

Avocado is a top fertility food: loads of folic acid (which boosts fertility), high in healthy fats (very important for reproductive health), and great digestive enzymes, which makes digestion easier, a good thing when TTC.

Lentils – said to bring good luck in the New Year

Beans are one of the top fertility foods. High in folic acid and fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels, plus other important nutrients.

Chicken with Portobello Mushrooms

This is a satisfying, easy-to-make meal for gathering of friends and family. Mushrooms are a great source of selenium, which is important to fertility.

Lamb roast

It’s a main holiday meal, full of good nutrition. Make sure the meat is organic, or at least all natural.

Crepes made with rice flour and olive oil

You can stuff them with sautéed mushrooms or a host of other fun, healthy fillings.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Notes for this blog:

Cindy Bailey is co-author
of The Fertile Kitchen (R) Cookbook:
 Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility at 
www.fertilekitchen.com (http://www NULL.fertilekitchen NULL.com/)

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